May 10 2009

VMotion Links

VMotion CPU Compatibility for Intel processors
VMotion CPU Compatibility for AMD processors
VMotion – How to override CPU masks due to CPU mismatch
VMotion between Apples and Oranges: Understanding CPU Compatibility Restraints for VMotion
VMotion Compatibilty
VMotion and VM Compatibility Matrix for Dell PowerEdge Servers
VMotion and VM Compatibility Matrix for HP Proliant Servers
How to setup and use VMotion: A Screencast
How to obtain, configure and use VMotion and how VMotion works
VMware VMotion and CPU Compatibility
Overview of VMotion migration compatibility error messages
VMware Enhanced VMotion Compatibility
Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support
Understanding CPU Compatibility Constraints for VMotion (VMworld 2007)
Live Migration with AMD-V Extended Migration Technology
What is Enhanced VMotion Compatibility anyway?
Enhanced Vmotion Compatibility (EVC) – Intel Example
AMD and Red Hat Demonstrate Cross-Platform Live Migration
VMotion Performance
VMotion and Change Management
VMotion fails at 10 percent

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