Pat Gelsinger’s vInk re-visited

Remember the whole unveiling of Pat Gelsinger’s tattoo at VMworld last year? There was a lot of speculation on if it was real (permanent) or not (temporary). I was hanging out with Pat at the vExpert party were he rolled up his sleeve and showed it to us and couldn’t tell. I also did a post on it last year and laid out some evidence that it may have not been a permanent tattoo which is what I had suspected. I have never heard him confirm or deny that it was a permanent tattoo, but recently in an interview with CRN he confirmed it was a long term temporary tattoo:

So I’m giving the keynote that it was fun and there was great energy in the room. After the keynote, I’m running around like crazy. I call my wife at 9:30 p.m. that night. The only thing she said to me is, ‘You better have gotten rid of it before we go on vacation.’ There was nothing like, ‘Great keynote, honey. How are you doing?’ – no, it was, ‘You have better gotten rid of it before vacation.’ It was one of those long-term temporary tattoos. It’s successfully been eradicated from me. We did go on vacation and my wife still loves me and is married to me.

So there you have it, no more tattoo, but despite it being gone I’m sure his devotion to VMware remains unchanged. Maybe this year he’ll do something else crazy like shave his head or something.

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