Configuration maximums that changed between vSphere 5.1 and 5.5

Below is a table of all the configuration maximums that changed between the vSphere 5.1 release and the vSphere 5.5 release.

MaximumTypeCategoryvSphere 5.1vSphere 5.5vSphere 6.0
Virtual disk sizeVMStorage2TB minus 512 bytes62TB62TB
Virtual SATA adapters per VMVMI/O DevicesNA44
Virtual SATA devices per virtual SATA adapterVMI/O DevicesNA3030
Logical CPUs per hostHostCompute160320480
NUMA Nodes per hostHostCompute81616
Virtual CPUs per hostHostCompute20484096
Virtual CPUs per coreHostCompute2532
RAM per hostHostCompute2TB4TB
Swap file sizeHostCompute1TBNA
VMFS5 - Raw Device Mapping size (virtual compatibility)HostStorage2TB minus 512 bytes62TB
VMFS5 - File sizeHostStorage2TB minus 512 bytes62TB
e1000 1Gb Ethernet ports (Intel PCI‐x)HostNetworking32NA
forcedeth 1Gb Ethernet ports (NVIDIA)HostNetworking2NA
Combination of 10Gb and 1Gb Ethernet portsHostNetworkingSix 10Gb and Four 1Gb portsEight 10Gb and Four 1Gb ports
mlx4_en 40GB Ethernet Ports (Mellanox)HostNetworkingNA4
SR-IOV Number of virtual functionsHostVMDirectPath3264
SR-IOV Number of 10G pNICsHostVMDirectPath48
Maximum active ports per host (VDS and VSS)HostNetworking10501016
Port groups per standard switchHostNetworking256512
Static/Dynamic port groups per distributed switchHostNetworkingNA6500
Ports per distributed switchHostNetworkingNA60000
Ephemeral port groups per vCenterHostNetworking2561016
Distributed switches per hostHostNetworkingNA16
VSS portgroups per hostHostNetworkingNA1000
LACP - LAGs per hostHostNetworkingNA64
LACP - uplink ports per LAG (Team)HostNetworking432
Hosts per distributed switchHostNetworking5001000
NIOC resource pools per vDSHostNetworkingNA64
Link aggregation groups per vDSHostNetworking164
Concurrent vSphere Web Clients connections to vCenter ServervCenterScalabilityNA180
Hosts (with embedded vPostgres database)vCenter ApplianceScalability5100
Virtual machines (with embedded vPostgres database)vCenter ApplianceScalability503000
Hosts (with Oracle database)vCenter ApplianceScalabilityNA1000
Virtual machines (with Oracle database)vCenter ApplianceScalabilityNA10000
Registered virtual machinesvCloud DirectorScalability3000050000
Powered-On virtual machinesvCloud DirectorScalability1000030000
vApps per organizationvCloud DirectorScalability30005000
HostsvCloud DirectorScalability20003000
vCenter ServersvCloud DirectorScalability2520
UsersvCloud DirectorScalability1000025000

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1 comment

    • Darren on September 29, 2013 at 2:30 pm


    Do you know if the config maxims apply when you have a dual 10g Nic That you carve up with NPAR? So would having such and a quad port built-in nic for iScsi exceed the maxims for 5.1?

    Thanks in advance

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