Welcome to HyTrust as a vSphere-land sponsor

I’d like to welcome HyTrust as a new sponsor to vSphere-land. While they might be a new sponsor here, HyTrust and I actually go way back to the days when I was a judge for the Best of VMworld awards. Back in 2009 I was a judge for the security category for Best of VMworld, I always had a fondness for security so I really enjoyed judging that category. Back in those days virtualization security was still a relatively new area and didn’t get as much focus as it does today. I remember going through the motions for judging at VMworld, visiting each of the vendors in that category, asking questions and learning about their products.

HyTrust was actually my last stop of the day before we had to turn everything in and I was short on time when I visited them and talked with their president, Eric Chiu. But that didn’t matter as it didn’t take long for me to figure out that they had a pretty special product that really stood out from the other security products I had seen that day. Most of the other security products I had seen where doing basically the same thing just in slightly different ways. HyTrust’s approach to security on the other hand was completely different and made my decision for the winner of that category very easy. They impressed me and the other judges so much that we also chose them as Best of Show among all the other category winners.

I wrote a follow-up article on HyTrust for searchvmware.com describing their solution in more detail and also mentioned them as a solution in my article on How to Steal a VM in 3 Easy Steps.┬áBut don’t take my word for it, check them out yourself and you decide. It’s not easy being a virtualization startup and I recently read a great article on Eric Chiu and HyTrust that described all the behind the scenes financial dealings that helps fund startups in their quest to be successful. It’s always challenging as a startup and many fail but HyTrust has ridden the virtualization wave and has not faltered. Virtualization security has never been more important then it is today and there will always be a need for good solutions to secure virtual environments so be sure and give HyTrust a look. They’ve been in the news recently with the latest version of their product and also were named one of the 10 recent tech investments to watch.


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