New V-words and Feature Links

Virtual Datacenter OS from VMware –
VMware’s Virtual Data Center OS –
VMware Announces the Next Generation of Virtualization – the Virtual Datacenter Operating System (VDC-OS) –
Follow-up on the VDC-OS announcement –
VMworld announcements: the Virtual Datacenter OS and the VMware Ready ecosystem –
Introducing Virtual Data Center OS (VDC-OS) –
The Virtual Infrastructure Evolves Into The Virtual Datacenter OS –
VMware proposes a new kind of OS –
VMware’s vCloud Iniatives – The vision for the next 10 years –
New VMware CEO makes the desktop a core focus for the company, with SIX desktop announcements at VMworld –
vCenter –
An early analysis of VMware vCloud and VDC-OS –
Virtualization Is Dead, Long Live Cloud Computing –
vClient Initiative –
So What Does vStorage Really Mean? –
VMware’s First Announcement –
Expand Virtual Desktops with VMware View –
New VMware VDI features enable VMware View –
VMware View enables new vision of VDI with a Universal Client –
VMworld 2008 – New Feature: Fault Tolerant –
Marathon and VMware FT –
VMWorld 2008: “Introducing Cisco’s Virtual Switch for VMware ESX” –
VMWorld 2008: Forecast For VMware? Cloudy…Weep For Security? –
Cisco releases Nexus 1000V virtual switch for VMware –
September 16: A big day for virtual networking –
Prize of VMworld Announcements Isn’t a Virtual Data Center; It’s Better Plumbing –
VMworld 2008 – VDM 3.0 to be released this year –
VMworld 2008 – Great news on ESX 4.0 –

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