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Tag Archive: VMworld 2008

May 11 2009

New V-words and Feature Links

Virtual Datacenter OS from VMware –
VMware’s Virtual Data Center OS –
VMware Announces the Next Generation of Virtualization – the Virtual Datacenter Operating System (VDC-OS) –
Follow-up on the VDC-OS announcement –
VMworld announcements: the Virtual Datacenter OS and the VMware Ready ecosystem –
Introducing Virtual Data Center OS (VDC-OS) –
The Virtual Infrastructure Evolves Into The Virtual Datacenter OS –
VMware proposes a new kind of OS –
VMware’s vCloud Iniatives – The vision for the next 10 years –
New VMware CEO makes the desktop a core focus for the company, with SIX desktop announcements at VMworld –
vCenter –
An early analysis of VMware vCloud and VDC-OS –
Virtualization Is Dead, Long Live Cloud Computing –
vClient Initiative –
So What Does vStorage Really Mean? –
VMware’s First Announcement –
Expand Virtual Desktops with VMware View –
New VMware VDI features enable VMware View –
VMware View enables new vision of VDI with a Universal Client –
VMworld 2008 – New Feature: Fault Tolerant –
Marathon and VMware FT –
VMWorld 2008: “Introducing Cisco’s Virtual Switch for VMware ESX” –
VMWorld 2008: Forecast For VMware? Cloudy…Weep For Security? –
Cisco releases Nexus 1000V virtual switch for VMware –
September 16: A big day for virtual networking –
Prize of VMworld Announcements Isn’t a Virtual Data Center; It’s Better Plumbing –
VMworld 2008 – VDM 3.0 to be released this year –
VMworld 2008 – Great news on ESX 4.0 –

May 11 2009

Day 4 (Thursday) Links

VMware Keynote – Automating DR with VMware SRM –
As the VMworld Turns (D-Day + 2 and 3) –
My VMworld Journal: Days 3-5 (Tuesday – Thursday) – So much to do, so little time –
VMworld 2008 bag of swag video –,297151,sid179_gci1331842,00.html
Eric Sloof is signing off –
VMworld Review –

May 11 2009

VMworld Party Links

We partied like race car drivers –
Danica Patrick pictures from Vmworld 2008 party –
VMworld Party Las Vegas Motor Speedway Video –
VMworld 2008 Party –
DJ Ravi Drums vs. Nerds with glow sticks –
Tainted Love at VMworld 2008 Party –
VMworld Las Vegas Motor Speedway Party –
Riding Around Las Vegas Motor Speedway –
VMWorld 2008 Party –
Tainted Love at vmworld 2008 –

May 11 2009

Day 3 (Wednesday) Links

More VMworld Weds & Thurs linkage –
VMworld Live podcasts –
Designing the Next Generation Data Center #KN EMC –
As the VMworld Turns (D-Day + 1) –
Book Signing at VMworld 2008 –
VMTN Community Experts Video –

May 11 2009

Day 3 (Wednesday) Keynote Links

Keynote Webcasts –
Wednesday keynote with Steve Herrod –
At CTO keynote, VMworld crowd starts to understand vClient –
Notes From the Keynote –
VMworld – Dr. Stephen Herrod’s keynote –
VMworld 2008 Day 2 Keynote –
VMworld 2008 – VMware CTO Dr. Stephen Herrod Keynote liveblog –
VMworld 2008 General Session Day 2 –
VMworld 2008 – Wednesday general session –
VMworld 2008 Day 2 General Session –
Live from VMworld 2008: Day 2 – VMware Keynote –
VMworld Opening Video Day 3 –

May 11 2009

Day 2 (Tuesday) Links

Tuesday afternoon at VMworld –
Tuesday night linkage at VMworld –
VMWorld 2008 Day 2 – The Virtual Datacenter, Desktop and the Cloud –
VMworld Wrap: Day 2 –
VMworld 2008: Day 2 Review – Virtually Anything is Possible –
Another day –
More VMworld 2008 Day 2 Coverage –
As the VMworld Turns (D-Day) –
Live from VMworld 2008: Day 1 – Cisco Keynote –
Question and Answer Session with Paul Maritz –
Q&A with Paul Maritz –
Notes From Q and A Session with Paul Maritz –
Cisco VMWorld Announcements 2008 –
ClusterFunk “Too Hard To Handle” –

May 11 2009

Day 2 (Tuesday) Keynote Links

Keynote Webcasts –
Tuesday Keynote – Paul Maritz – Will it be moist and chewy? –
VMworld 2008 Tuesday Opening Keynote –
VMworld 2008 Keynote –
VMworld 2008 – VMware CEO Paul Maritz Keynote Live blog –
VMworld 2008 Day 1 Keynote –
VMworld 2008: Day 1 Keynote –
Live from VMworld 2008: Day 1 – VMware Keynote –
What VMware’s Maritz Did Not Say –
Maritz: VMware’s Virtual DataCenter OS, VMware View is better next gen operating system than Windows and Hyper-V –
Day one of VMworld 2008 and the debut of Paul Maritz –
VMworld 2008 Keynote –
VMworld Keynote updates –

May 11 2009

Day 1 (Monday) Links

VMworld announcements: the Virtual Datacenter OS and the VMware Ready ecosystem –
VMworld Monday grab-bag –
VMworld 2008 Monday last call –
VMworld 2008: Looking Back At Day 1 –
My VMworld Journal: Monday – Waiting for the big show –
The future of Enterprise Virtualization from VMWorld 2008 – Day 1 (Monday) –
Wrapping VMworld, Day 1 –
As the VMworld Turns (T Minus 1 day) –
Paul Maritz Kicks Off The VMware Partner Day –
Solutions Exchange welcome reception –

May 11 2009

Pre-conference Links

My VMworld Journal: (Sunday) – Welcome to VMworld –
Blogging at VMworld? –
Here come the virtual crowds: early pictures of VMworld 2008 –
Do-it-yourself VMworld blogging –
As the VMworld Turns –
As the VMworld Turns (T Minus 2 days) –
VMware readies for CEO Maritz’s public debut –
VMworld 2008: VideoBlog #1: Mike’s shows off room, and fancy new guitar –
VMworld 2008: First video footage –
I picked up my VMworld badge –
Sneak Preview on VMworld 2008 and its artwork –
Vizion Las Vegas – Vizioncore Partner Reception ’08 –
Vizioncore VMWorld 2008 Partner Reception video –
Palazzo Room at VMWorld –
VMworld Las Vegas 2008 Trailer –

Oct 12 2008

Top 10 things you must read about VMworld 2008

  1. Day 1 (Tuesday) Paul Maritz Keynote also here and here – Several links from the Day 1 keynote including the official webcast and live blogging with commentary. This keynote introduced some of the new concepts and products that Vmware has planned for the future.
  2. Day 2 (Wednesday) Stephen Herrod Keynote also here and here – Several links from the Day 2 keynote including the official webcast and live blogging with commentary. This keynote was much more technical then the previous days keynote and contained many details on upcoming features in VMware products.
  3. Virtual Data Center OS also here and here – Several links on the new VDC-OS concept that VMware introduced at VMworld including the official VMware page that describes the many new components included in it.
  4. Cisco Nexus 1000V vSwitch also here – The long awaited Cisco vSwitch was announced at VMworld, these links describe its features and technical specifications.
  5. wrap-up also Part 2 and Part 3 – Great conference wrap-up coverage from Alessandro at providing information and commentary on the events, products and announcements at the show.
  6. Tech Target coverage – Tech Target provided many good blog posts, news reports, videos and more at VMworld, this link is to the page that contains all the links to their coverage.
  7. Best of VMworld 2008 awards announced – The Best of VMworld awards showcased many great products at VMworld, this link details all the winners and finalists in a multitude of categories.
  8. Brian Madden’s roundup of the desktop/application vendors at VMworld 2008 also Part 2 and Part 3 – Brian Madden’s great coverage of some of the many vendors that displayed their products in the Solutions Exchange at VMworld.
  9. New feature demonstration videos: VMware DVS (Distributed vSwitch) demo video, VMware FT (Fault Tolerance) demo video,   VMware VirtualCenter Host Profiles demo video and VMware Storage vMotion demo video – Demonstration videos for some of the exciting new features that are planned for the next major release of ESX.
  10. VMworld 2008 – EMC Wrap-up – Part I – Chad Sakac’s wrap-up summary of VMworld including summaries and links to the many session presentations provided by EMC.