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Tag Archive: vCenter Server

May 11 2009

vCenter Server Links

Improve Virtualization Management with VMware vCenter Server 4 (May 18th) (VMware)
VMware vCenter Server 4.0 installation video (vCritical)
vSphere vCenter Database and the IBM DB2 Express-C (
Video: vSphere4 Unleashed: 02 – Installing vCenter4 (Hypervizor)
Video: vSphere4 Unleashed: 03 – Licensing & Configuring vCenter (Hypervizor)
32-bit ODBC DSN for vSphere (VMwarewolf)
Memory usage in vCenter Server 4.0 (Virtualization Pro)
Importing vCenter 2.5 Customization Specifications into vCenter 4 (
vCenter Server Linked Mode (
Performing a Command-Line Installation of vCenter Server (VMware)
Replacing vCenter Server Certificates (VMware)
Moving custom fields from one vCenter to another (VMware)
Upgrade VMware vCenter 2.5 to 4.0 Video (VMware Tips)
Options for VMware Virtual Center / vCenter Redundancy (Virtualization Admin)
Setting up vCenter Server in a Microsoft Cluster Service Cluster (KB Article)
vCenter Required Ports (KB Article)
Creating a 32bit DSN on a 64bit Windows machine (KB Article)

May 10 2009

vCenter Server Links


VirtualCenter Technical Best practices
Bulletproof VirtualCenter (VMworld 2007)
VirtualCenter Monitoring and Performance Statistics
Replacing VirtualCenter Server Certificates
Running VirtualCenter in a Virtual Machine
Using MSCS to Cluster VirtualCenter
Template Usage and Best Practices
Managing Vmware VirtualCenter Roles & Permissions
Testing SMTP with Telnet for VirtualCenter email communication
How to delay loading of specific services if running the database server on the VC server
Maximizing VirtualCenter Data Collection (VMworld 2007)
Clustering VirtualCenter 2.5 Using Microsoft Cluster Services
VM Template best practices (Windows)
VM Template best practices (Linux)
VI3 Roles and Permissions
Proven Practice: ROBO – Managing Remote ESX Hosts Over WAN with VirtualCenter
vCenter Server Heartbeat, the concept, deployment and considerations!


VirtualCenter Database Sizing Calculator
Converting VirtualCenter on Access to SQL Server 2000
Reclaiming space in SQL Server databases
VirtualCenter 2.X Using Database Views
Move SQL database to another SQL server and MS Kb Article
How to manage MSDE 2000 or SQL Express 2005 with Osql
DBAMgr – free GUI utility to manage MSDE
Statistic Rollup Stored Procedures – Optional Parameters
VirtualCenter Statistics Rollup Stored Procedure Fix
VirtualCenter Database Maintenance: SQL Server
Monitor the Virtual Infrastructure Database for authentication attempts
VirtualCenter Database Performance for Microsoft SQL Server 2005
How can I purge old data from the database used by VirtualCenter Server
Troubleshooting transaction logs on a Microsoft SQL database server
Troubleshooting the database data source used by VirtualCenter Server
Investigating the health of a VirtualCenter database server
Extending the tablespace on an Oracle database
Performing a defragmentation of the VirtualCenter performance data indexes on a Microsoft SQL database
Moving VirtualCenter SQL DB to another server
Why you should delete outdated vCenter Server data (Pt. 1)
Deleting extra VI3 vCenter Server data with Microsoft SQL Server (Pt. 2)

May 12 2008

How can I configure single sign-on to login to VirtualCenter with the VI Client?

Answer available here

Apr 23 2008

Top 10 things you must read about vCenter Server

  1. Bulletproof VirtualCenter – A VMworld 2007 presentation on properly configuring and protecting VirtualCenter so it has high availability.
  2. VirtualCenter Database Maintenance: SQL Server – A white paper from VMware on how to maintain the VirtualCenter database when using SQL Server.
  3. Running VirtualCenter in a Virtual Machine – A white paper from VMware discussing the advantages and limitations of running VirtualCenter as a VM.
  4. VirtualCenter Database Performance for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – A white paper from VMware on performance statistic collections and there effect on the VirtualCenter database.
  5. VirtualCenter 2 Diagnostics – A VMworld 2006 presentation on troubleshooting problems with VirtualCenter.
  6. Managing Vmware VirtualCenter Roles & Permissions – A white paper from VMware on configuring roles and permissions in VirtualCenter.
  7. VirtualCenter 2.0 The Technical Insights – A VMware TSX 2007 presentation on the technical architecture of VirtualCenter.
  8. Template Usage and Best Practices – A white paper from VMware on creating, managing and using templates to deploy virtual machines.
  9. Replacing VirtualCenter Server Certificates – A technote from VMware on replacing the default certificates in VirtualCenter.
  10. VirtualCenter Technical Best practices – A document from VMware with technical details on VirtualCenter and vMotion.