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Top 10 things you must read if you are new to VMware

  1. VMware Infrastructure 3 architecture – A white paper from VMware that provides a general overview of the VI3 architecture and features.
  2. VMware Infrastructure 3: Pricing, Packaging and Licensing Overview – A white paper from VMware that describes the all of VI3 feature, licensing and pricing models that are available.
  3. Introduction to VMware Infrastructure – A manual from VMware that provides information about the features and functionality of VI3.
  4. Tips and Tricks for Implementing Infrastructure Services on ESX Server – A white paper from VMware that provide advice on leveraging key features of VMware Infrastructure for deployment of infrastructure services for system administrators who are new to VMware Virtual Infrastructure.
  5. Configuration Maximums for VMware Infrastructure 3 – A document from Vmware that lists all the configuration maximums for virtual machines, VirtualCenter and ESX host servers.
  6. Security Design of the VMware Infrastructure 3 Architecture – A white paper from VMware that describes the security features and design that are part of VI3 architecture.
  7. SAN System Design and Deployment Guide – A huge guide from VMware that describes how to design and deploy virtual infrastructure systems using VI3 with SANs.
  8. ESX Server Architecture – A VMworld 2007 session on that provides a technical overview of the ESX Server architecture including an overview of the VMkernel and its support for virtual machines, an overview of the ESX Server storage and networking architecture, and an introduction to resource management concepts and features in ESX Server.
  9. Using VMware Infrastructure for Backup and Restore – A white paper from VMware that covers virtual disk files and methods for backing up and restoring your virtual environment.
  10. Scaling Your Virtual Infrastructure – Getting Started – A VMworld session with planning tips for designing a Vmware virtual infrastructure including what type of resources to prepare, time constraints and how to operationalize your virtual infrastructure.
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