Worried about Leap Year bugs in 2016, VMware has you covered

bkpam2160482_12355920_1018130441584156_2007192750_oDate anomalies such as Y2K, Leap Years, and the infamous1970 bug can be disruptive if software code is not designed to handle them properly. You might remember the infamous VMware time bomb bug a few years back which made them look bad. In 2016 we once again have a Leap Year and VMware has gone out and tested the impact of that date across their entire product line to ensure nothing is impacted by this once every four year date occurrence. VMware has published the results of their testing in a KB article which appears to cover all of their products and which are unaffected by Leap Year. I expect they didn’t test every past version of these products but as Leap Year isn’t really new and occurs every four years I don’t expect you’ll see any issues regardless of which version of a VMware product you are on. So with this reassurance in mind hopefully you will sleep better Sunday night and not get woken up by any surprises.

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