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redditI’m an avid Reddit reader and enjoy it on a daily basis. If you’re not familiar with Reddit it is the self-proclaimed front page of the internet with a huge variety of user submitted content. Reddit is composed of a large number of sub-forums on everything from food to pictures to DIY to news and even technology. Reddit forums are in subdirectory format with the syntax being /r/<forum Name>. The forums are patrolled by moderators and have rules on how and what you can post but for the most part you can talk about anything on topic to a particular forum. Often times links to content published elsewhere on the internet (i.e. blogs) are posted there for user to discuss and comment on.

There are a few forums that virtualization and VMware users might be interested in that I have listed below. The VMware one in particular is probably the most relevant, it’s not directly controlled by VMware itself but some of the moderators are VMware employees. I see this forum as complementary to the VMTN forums, there isn’t a huge amount of posts so it’s easier to keep with and there are some interesting conversations published there. So go on and check it out, if you haven’t used Reddit before you will become quickly hooked to it, I always visit the main page several times a day which is full of great & hot content.

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