VMTurbo is now Turbonomic

VMTurbo has re-branded itself by unveiling a new company name, Turbonomic, from what I’ve heard the name change was done to reflect their broader industry support for more than just VMware environments. The VM part of their old name is distinctly identifiable with VMware which apparently has caused some friction at VMware. According to this CRN article VMware pulled VMTurbo’s speaking session from the VMworld session line-up and refunded their money. This isn’t the first time VMware has policed it’s partners at events, a few years back there was an incident with Nutanix and Veeam at another event.

The name Turbonomic is a mashup of part of the original name and two key words that relate to their product: Economic and Autonomic. The word Economic relates to the economic principles that enable cloud and virtualized environments to self-organize and self-manage. And the word Autonomic relates to their Autonomic Platform that enables you to accelerate your next transformation and deliver the applications your users demand.

Despite the name change Turbonomic has the same mission and vision as before the name change which is managing any workload, on any infrastructure, anywhere, at anytime.

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