Using VMware vSphere as a private cloud computing platform

If you’re involved in virtualization, you probably can’t go a day without hearing the word cloud – and I don’t mean as part of your weather forecast. If you pay attention to companies like VMware and EMC, it seems as though everything is migrating toward the cloud — and it’s not a matter of if your environment will enter the cloud but when.

Today, virtualization seems to have taken a back seat to cloud computing. If you look at the VMworld 2010 tracks and sessions this year, they focus on cloud computing. But you can’t have internal cloud computing without virtualization, so virtualization remains on the hot topics list, even if it’s no longer in the No. 1 spot.

In this tip, we consider how clouds and virtualization go hand in hand and how to leverage the capabilities of VMware vSphere to create your own private cloud.

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