Jun 17 2016

Some Top vBlog 2016 result statistics

vsphere-land-top-vblog2016-logoWhile we wait for the results announcement which should come next week via a live Google Hangout with John Troyer and VMTurbo I thought I would release some statistics on the results as an appetizer before the big meal arrives.

  • This year there were 1600+ votes, down a bit from 2200 last year.
  • There were 411 blogs in the voting last year, this year there were 321. Blogs that did not have at least 10 posts in 2015 were left off the voting ballot this year.
  • There were 83 new blogs added this year to the ballot that were not there last year.
  • There was 1 new blog (started in 2015) that made the top 50.
  • There were 12 additional blogs that made it into the top 50 that were not there last year.
  • There were 7 blogs that made it into the top 25 that were not there last year.
  • There was 1 new blog to the top 10 (and one long time top 10 blog that fell out).
  • There was 6 position changes in the top 10.
  • There was a very heated and close battle this year for the #1 spot. Do we have a new #1? Watch the live results show to find out.
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  1. Valdecir Carvalho

    Ahh I can’t wait for the results coming out 🙂 I try to do not check here everyday, but I can’t resiste 🙂
    Will the Hangout be open to everybody?

  2. esiebert7625

    Yes it streams live to Youtube, will post the link soon.

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