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Jan 03 2010

Time to vote for your favorite bloggers

Here they are, the current top 20 VMware & virtualization related bloggers:

Can anyone knock Duncan Epping from the top spot? Chad Sakac made a run up to the #3 position in the last vote, can he go any higher? Interesting enough, Scott Lowe in the #2 position now works for Chad Sakac, can Scott stay ahead of his new boss? There are also many new bloggers out there producing some great content who could make the list like Hany Michael, Scott Sauer/Aaron Sweemer, Maish Saidel-Keesing, Scott Drummonds, Frank Denneman and Steve Chambers. Your votes will decide the winners and help decide the Top 25 bloggers. I’ve decided to expand the Top 20 to the Top 25 because there are so many great blogs out there.

So here’s how it works, you pick your top 10 favorite blogs, the survey will be open for two weeks. Once all the votes have been cast I’ll add them up and using weights (#1 vote = 10 points, #2 vote equals 9 points, etc.) and calculate the Top 25 blogs. Because of the cost of the online survey tool I’ve acquired a sponsor to help cover the costs. TrainSignal is the sponsor of this survey and as an added bonus they are giving away two copies of their awesome vSphere DVD training course to two voters who will be randomly selected. to vote you simply number your 10 favorite blogs from 1 to 10 with 1 being your most favorite blog. Your numbers must add up to 55 (1 through 10 added together) and we have controls in place so you can only vote once. The top 10 winners will receive a graphic image with their place number that they can display on their website.

When casting your vote we hope you are fair and use the following guidelines:

  • frequency (how often they post)
  • quality (how well the posts are)
  • length (how long the posts are)
  • longevity (how long they have been blogging for)

Please note for added protection this time against duplicate votes I’m now using IP address protection which limits one vote per IP address. While this method is more effective then using cookies it may prevent multiple users in corporate environments that use NAT from casting votes. As a workaround to that situation you can have people vote from a mobile device or home computer instead.

So bloggers, start your engines and let the voting begin, you can go to or click the below link to cast your vote…

Click here to vote


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  1. Christopher Kusek

    I voted!
    Who’s a guy gotta sleep with around here to make it on the list to be voted for!

  2. Roy Mikes

    Just voted. Can’t find myself ;(

  3. Shane F.

    I just voted but how will I know I won the trainsignal bundle if I didn’t need to provide contact info? ;)

  4. esiebert7625

    Good point, guess I forgot to add that, I’ve added an email address field to the survey. I do collect IP address & geo track info so I will use that to try and get a hold of the winner for the existing votes.

  5. Mark S.

    Anyone got an OPML of all of the blogs?

  6. esiebert7625

    I’ll be making an OPML file for RSS readers of the Top 25 after the voting is complete.

  7. Vladan


    I already have a copy of the vSphere 4 course. If (accidentaly) I’m picked out, I’ll pass it to the nex person…. -:)

    Thanks .

  8. Erik Scholten

    Hi Eric,

    Are you planning to publish a intermediate score after one week?

    I’m looking forward to it.

  9. Eiad Al-Aqqad

    Hi Eric,

    It seems I have missed the voting, as well my name was not there to vote for my self :). I hope I will make it to the list next time.


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