Time to vote again…

Not for top blog though, the VMworld 2014 session public voting has opened and I’d appreciate your consideration for my sessions. Last year I presented my “Top 10 Thing you MUST know about Storage for vSphere” session which was well attended. I’d thought I’d up the ante this year and submitted one called “50 Things You Didn’t Know About Storage for vSphere That You Should Know”, my other session is in a deep dive format going into a lot of technical detail on storage for vSphere. I also was able to persuade Vaughn to add me to his All-Flash Storage panel to represent HP. If you find my sessions interesting, please give me a green thumb in the voting. You can easily filter my sessions by putting Siebert in the keyword field when on the public voting website.

50 Things You Didn’t Know About Storage for vSphere That You Should Know

Storage is an absolutely critical part of a vSphere environment and is one area that you can’t afford to not know that well. If you start making assumptions and un-educated guesses about the storage for your vSphere environment it will come back to haunt you. Having a solid understanding of the role storage plays in a virtual environment is the key to being successful with vSphere. This technical session will help educate attendees on a wide variety of important storage related topics for vSphere. Come join Eric Siebert, a noted author, blogger & 6 time VMware vExpert with over 9 years experience with VMware virtualization and learn 50 things about storage for vSphere that you probably did not know.

This session will flow in a fast-paced format that will cover 50 quick tips, tidbits, stats and facts on many different technical & educational topics related to storage for vSphere environments. We’ll include a lot of fun facts and focus on things you probably didn’t know about storage for vSphere that you probably wish you knew. You’ll learn one new thing every minute in this session and walk away armed with all sorts of useful (and possibly some useless) information to enhance your storage knowledge so you impress your friends and co-workers.

Storage Demystified: Uncovering the Inner Workings of Everyday vSphere Storage Technologies

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes when you do a Storage vMotion? Why disk blocks are zeroed? How VM snapshots work? What the different types of virtual disks are? How the UNMAP process works? Why SSDs wear out? How storage acceleration technologies work? We all work with vSphere on a daily basis but many of us don’t really understand the “magic” behind vSphere storage technologies. Aren’t you a little curious? We take for granted that these features work but understanding how they work can enable you to make better decisions when working with them. Knowing what actually goes on behind the scenes can also help when troubleshooting storage related issues.

The goal of this session is simple: Demystify the world of storage in vSphere and do it in a simple, clear-cut way that anyone can understand. We will take a dive deep into some of the storage technologies and features that are part of vSphere, illustrate the processes and steps that happen when you use certain features, and explain the technology in an easy to understand manner. We will also cover a lot of fun facts you probably never knew about storage for vSphere. Come and learn from a VMware vExpert with over 9 years hands-on experience with VMware virtualization and walk away with a much clearer and deeper understanding of how storage stuff works in vSphere.


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