My VSAN links page has grown so big GoDaddy had to move me to a bigger server

Well not entirely true, apparently there were so many links in one post that every time I edited it and added more it triggered GoDaddy’s security mechanism’s that lookout for spam and malicious behavior. I use their Linux hosted plan for this site and they use ModSecurity, an open source firewall as their security platform. ModSecurity kept temporarily blocking my IP address whenever I edited my VSAN links post, I’ve been constantly calling into their support to get this resolved. Finally last week my IP was blocked for an even longer time so fed up I called and escalated it. I know from doing research that they can whitelist IP addresses so I was finally able to get them to do that so I shouldn’t have problems again unless my IP address changes.

I did also end up moving to another server platform as well though, I was on their legacy 2G platform which was probably some pretty old servers and moved to their 4G platform which is newer server hardware. The whole move was seamless and I didn’t have to do anything at all. You may have noticed during the top blog voting that my site was very slow and at some point not responding so hopefully this new server platform will be able to keep up better.

I have added a ton more VSAN links and continue to add more every week so be sure and check out my huge VSAN links page for everything you ever wanted to know about VSAN.

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