Jan 08 2015

Sneak peek at Top vBlog 2015 blogger prize

This year I thought I would do something different and designed a custom commemorative coin that each of the top 50 bloggers will receive. The coin is 2″ in size and has a diamond cut edge on it, you can see some sample coins cut the same way here. I had wanted to do separate coins for Top 10, Top 25 and Top 50 but that would of required paying for a separate die mold for each which gets costly. So instead I put Top 50 on the coin and am using different metal finishes to signify this. The Top 10 will get a Shiny Gold coin, 11-25 will get a Antique Silver coin and 26-50 will get a Antique Copper coin.

Of course all this is made possible by Infinio who is the official sponsor for Top vBlog 2015, stay tuned for more info as things will be starting up soon. Make sure you don’t miss out on any info related to the contest by subscribing via email using my sidebar widget to be notified of any new posts from vSphere-land. You can check out the coin design proofs below.

6CFA-25440A01-1 (2)[8][6]

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