Select VMworld 2014 session recordings are now available for anyone to watch

Even if you didn’t attend VMworld you can still virtually attend some of the best sessions as VMware has released 29 of the top sessions that were recorded at VMworld. Some of the sessions are just audio and slides only but there were some that were recorded on video as well. All of the sessions look pretty good but I wanted to highlight a few in red that you should definitely check out. Also note that despite VMware saying there are 29 sessions there are actually only 28 as they have one of them listed twice. Also if you missed the General Sessions the links are below as well as some links to some VMworld TV highlight videos featuring Mr. Eric Sloof. Be sure to check out the over total 200 videos from VMworld 2014 that are available here.

General sessions:

VMworld 2014 US – General Session – Monday (Robin Matlock, Pat Gelsinger, Carl Eschenbach)

VMworld 2014 US – General Session – Tuesday (Ben Fathi)

VMworld TV highlights:

VMworld 2014 US – Welcome to VMworld USA!

VMworld 2014 US – VMworld TV: Day 1 Highlights

VMworld 2014 US – VMworld TV: Day 2 Highlights

VMworld 2014 US – VMworld TV: Day 3 Highlights

VMworld 2014 US – VMworld TV: Day 4 Highlights

Application sessions:

VAPP2305.1Extreme Performance Series – Understanding Applications that Require Extra TLC for Better Performance on vSphere – Deep Dive (Vishnu Mohan, VMware  Reza Taheri, VMware)

VAPP2979.1 – Advanced SQL Server on vSphere Techniques and Best Practices (Scott Salyer, VMware  Jeff Szastak, VMware)

VAPP1318.1 – Virtualizing Databases Doing IT Right – The Sequel (Michael Corey, Ntirety – A Division of Hosting  Jeff Szastak, VMware)

VAPP1340.1 – Virtualize Active Directory, the Right Way! (Matt Liebowitz, EMC Corporation  Deji Akomolafe, VMware)

Business Continuity sessions:

BCO2629.1 – Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication: What’s New Technical Deep Dive (Jeff Hunter, VMware Ken Werneburg, VMware)

BCO1916.1Site Recovery Manager and Stretched Storage: Tech Preview of a New Approach to Active-Active Data Centers (Shobhan Lakkapragada, VMware  Aleksey Pershin, VMware)

BCO2701.1 – vSphere HA Best Practices and FT Tech Preview (Gurusimran Khalsa, VMware  Manoj Krishnan, VMware)

BCO2194 – Data Protection for vSphere 101: Keys to Successful Backup and Replication in a Virtual World (Daniel Miller, VMware  Pooja Virkud, VMware)

End-User Computing:

EUC1476.1 – What’s New with View and PCoIP in Horizon 6 (Tony Huynh, VMware  Simon Long, VMware)

Hybrid Cloud:

HBC1533.1 – How to Build a Hybrid Cloud – Steps to Extend Your Datacenter (Chris Colotti, VMware  David Hill, VMware)

Infrastructure sessions:

INF1502.1 – What’s New in vSphere? (Michael Adams, VMware)

INF1503 – Virtualization 101 (Michael Adams, VMware)

INF2311.1vCenter Server Architecture and Deployment Deep Dive (Justin King, VMware  Harish Niddagatta, VMware  Robert Perugini, VMware)

INF1522 – vSphere With Operations Management: Monitoring the Health, Performance and Efficiency of vSphere with vCenter Operations Manager (Kyle Gleed, VMware  Ryan Johnson, VMware)


MGMT1969 – vCloud Automation Center and NSX Integration Technical Deep Dive (Ray Budavari, VMware  Zackary Kielich, VMware)

Networking sessions:

NET1846.1 – Introduction to NSX (Milin Desai, VMware)

NET2745 – vSphere Distributed Switch: Technical Deep Dive (Jason Nash, Varrow  Chris Wahl, AHEAD)

NET1674Advanced Topics & Future Directions in Network Virtualization with NSX (Bruce Davie, VMware)

Operations Transformation:

OPT2465.1 – VMware IT’s Transformation: An Update on How VMware IT is Moving to IT-as-a-Service as Told by the People on the Frontlines (Venkat Gopalakrishnan, VMware  Anees Iqbal, VMware  Job Simon, VMware  Brian Smith, VMware)


SEC1959-S – The “Goldilocks Zone” for Security (Martin Casado, VMware  Tom Corn, VMware)

Software-defined Data Center sessions:

SDDC2198VMware OpenStack End-to-End Demo (Scott Lowe, VMware  Michael West, VMware)

SDDC3327The Software-defined Datacenter, VMs, and Containers: A “Better Together” Story (Kit Colbert, VMware)

SDDC3245-SSoftware-Defined Data Center through Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (Mornay Van Der Walt, VMware  Chris Wolf, VMware)

SDDC1600 – Art of IT Infrastructure Design: The Way of the VCDX – Panel (Mark Gabryjelski, Worldcom Exchange, Inc.  Mostafa Khalil, VMware  Chris Mccain, VMware  Michael Webster, Nutanix, Inc.)

Storage sessions:

STO1279.1Virtual SAN Architecture Deep Dive (Christian Dickmann, VMware  Christos Karamanolis, VMware)

STO1965.1Virtual Volumes Technical Deep Dive (Rawlinson Rivera, VMware  Suzy Visvanathan, VMware)

STO2554-SPOZooming In: How VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) Will Provide Shared Storage with X-ray Vision (Patrick Dirks, VMware
Ivan Iannaccone, HP)

STO1853-S – Software-Defined Storage: The Transformation of Enterprise Storage Has Begun (Alberto Farronato, VMware  Vijay Ramachandran, VMware)

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