My pre-VMworld post mega roll-up

I’ve done a whole bunch of posts on various topics leading up to VMworld and I thought I would aggregate them all into one post so readers who are either attending VMworld or just listening in remotely can easily read through them.

This one is for the 2017 Top vBloggers and vExperts going to VMworld, I have goodies for you and so do some vendors:

This one details the top 30 people that I hope to run into at VMworld:

This one provides of brief overview of Zerto’s pre-VMworld new ZVR release:

This one is for the people who can’t attend VMworld and lists all the ways you can enjoy it from afar:

This one provides some tips and tricks for attending VMworld that I’ve picked up after 9 years of attending it:

This one covers my hand-picked list of the Top 20 sessions that you must see at VMworld:

This one provides an interesting analysis of the cost to hire the bands that have played at VMworld over the years:

This one provides a good overview of the parties at VMworld along with my picks of the best ones:

This one details both online resources and VMworld events that cover VVol replication:

This one covers Schedule Builder opening up for attendees:

This one provides an overview on why there are so few sessions devoted to VVols at VMworld this year:


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