Is it VSAN, vSAN, VVols, vVols or what?

If there is one thing VMware tends to be consistent at, it is changing the case of their product & feature acronyms. I’ve seen the acronyms for both Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes done many different ways. One reason for that is VMware periodically changes the case of their acronyms, in the case of Virtual Volumes in the early days VMware had it at VVOLs and then vVols and now it’s VVols. With Virtual SAN I’ve seen it VSAN and vSAN so let’s cover what is right and wrong right now according to VMware.

Virtual Volumes is largely referred to as Virtual Volumes in most VMware documentation, they do abbreviate it though and the official abbreviation is VVols. So the correct wording/case is VMware Virtual Volumes or VMware VVols.

Virtual SAN on the other hand is no longer being referred to as Virtual SAN, VMware officially now calls it VMware vSAN, the longer name “Virtual SAN” has been officially end of lifed.

Vendors have the fun job of updating all their product documentation and collateral that references the old name/case. So now you know the correct way to spell and use those product names until next time when the VMware marketing machine decides to change them again.

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