Access all the VMworld 2015 session recordings for just $200

VMware has released approximately 50 VMworld 2015 sessions for free but you’re still missing out on tons of other great sessions that are only available to paid attendees. Well now you can get access to all those great recordings for the relatively low price of $200 by purchasing a VMUG Advantage membership. The price of $200 is way cheaper than attending VMworld plus you get a lot of other great benefits that come with VMUG Advantage which include:

  • VMware EVALExperience – 365-day evaluation licenses for personal use in a non-production environment
  • vCloud Air OnDemand Service Credit – $600 in service credit per year which provides access to a cloud-based VMware environment
  • VMware Lab Connect – a self-paced, technical training lab designed to enhance your learning experience
  • $100 USD Discount on VMworld Admission
  • 50% off VMware Fusion Pro and VMware Workstation Software Licenses
  • 20% off VMware Certification Exams
  • 20% off VMware On-Demand, a robust, self-paced learning solution delivering modular training combined with hands-on practice labs, giving you a powerful alternative to traditional classroom training
  • 20% off VMware-Delivered Classes
  • 35% off VMware Lab Connect, a self-paced, technical training lab designed to enhance your learning experience

and of course: access to VMworld 2015 Online Content – a $699 value

All for $200 which is a damn good deal considering the cost of going to VMworld which is thousands of dollars, combined with all the other great stuff you getting it would probably total over $5000.

So head on over and sign-up so you can get started listening to all the great VMworld 2015 session content that is available,

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