Top 10 things you must read about VMware Networking

  1. VI3 Networking – Concepts and Components (VMworld 2007) – A VMworld 2007 presentation describing the VI3 network architecture and how to properly configure it.
  2. VI3 Networking – Advanced Configurations and Troubleshooting (VMworld 2007) – A VMworld 2007 presentation on advanced virtual networking topics with tips for troubleshooting problems.
  3. VMware ESX Server 3 802.1Q VLAN Solutions – Provides concepts and configuration tips for using 802.1Q VLAN tagging with your vSwitch configurations.
  4. Integrating Virtual Machines into the Cisco Data Center Architecture – A white paper written by Cisco on ESX server networking architecture and integration with Cisco network devices.
  5. Networking Performance in VMware ESX Server 3.5 – A white paper from VMware comparing virtual to physical networking performance.
  6. Network Throughput in a Virtual Infrastructure – A white paper from VMware that outlines the considerations that affect network throughput.
  7. ESX3 Networking Internals – A VMware TSX 2007 presentation on the internals of how ESX vSwitches function.
  8. High Performance ESX Networking – A VMware TSX 2007 presentation on ESX network design considerations.
  9. How To Configure Networking from the Service Console Command Line – A VMware KB article on setting up networking via the CLI, a must know if you lose your networking configuration and cannot connect to an ESX Server via the VI Client.
  10. Server Virtualization – Network Implications and Best Practices – A presentation from Cisco on network virtualization architecture and design considerations for Cisco networks to support virtual environments.
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