Welcome to the new VMware-land!

This website has recently undergone a major renovation! I’ve spent many, many hours transferring the data by hand to this new hosting platform. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  1. I’ve moved from a hard to maintain site written in Dreamweaver to a hosted WordPress site (still on godaddy).
  2. Links have been cleaned up and migrated and have been organized in 3 sections, vSphere, General/VI3 and VMworld 2008.
  3. Instead of displaying the link name & URL separately they have been combined into one.
  4. Instead of all links on a single page each link category has been put into a separate post, you can select vLinks from the top menu without selecting a sub-menu for a jump page to each category, also the top post of each link category is an Index.
  5. Link categories are displayed alphabetically instead of by post-date using a special plug-in for easier reference. Link posts are not included on the front page or in the RSS feed using another plug-in.
  6. Re-sizing Virtual Disks page has been moved under the Tips & Tricks menu.
  7. vLaunchpad has not been moved to WordPress and remains a page I maintain in Dreamweaver.
  8. vLaunchpad can still be accessed using either http://vlp.vsphere-land.com or http://vlp.vmware-land.com
  9. Added new sections for vGlossary and vHeroes, stay tuned for more on those.
  10. New Top 10 lists added.
  11. Created forwarding pages so some of the old links automatically forward to the new corresponding pages.
  12. New RSS feed through Feedburner.
  13. New URL, http://vsphere-land.com the old URL http://vmware-land.com will also point to this site.

Hope you like the new look, tell me what you think!

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