Aug 04 2009

New articles on vShield Zones and VMware Data Recovery

I recently wrote some articles for Tech Target on the two new products that were introduced in vSphere:  vShield Zones and VMware Data Recovery. The VMware Data Recovery article covers what it is, comparisons to 3rd party products and how to install and configure it. The vShield Zones article is a 3-part series that covers what it is, how it works, how to install and configure it and many tips for using it. Special thanks to Carlos Camacho and Serge Maskalik from VMware who helped me work through some issues I had and provided me some great information on their product. vShield Zones will be the subject of the weekly VMTN podcast this week so be sure and listen in for even more information and to ask questions.

VMware Data Recovery article at searchdatabackup.com:

VMware Data Recovery Manager: A guide to installing and using VDR

vShield Zones articles at searchvmware.com:

vShield Zones: What it is and how it works (Pt. 1)
Installing and Configuring vShield Zones (Pt. 2)
Quick tips for managing vShield Zones (Pt. 3)

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