Join SolarWinds & I for a 2012 Virtualization year in review podcast

Register now for a webinar that I am presenting tomorrow, 12/12 at 10:30am MST with SolarWinds where I review the big things that have happened with VMware & virtualization in 2012:

Virtualization continues to be one of the hottest technologies in the data center as companies increasingly virtualize their physical infrastructures. The evolution of virtualization has been changing at a very rapid pace mostly due to VMware’s efforts in creating their vision for a software defined data center built on virtualized technologies. 2012 proved to be another big year for VMware and virtualization and featured new product releases, glimpses of the future, leadership changes, licensing changes, increased focus on clouds & VDI and more. Join virtualization industry expert Eric Siebert as he reviews all the big things that happened related to VMware and virtualization in 2012.

Head on over to this page and sign-up and I’ll see you there!

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