Don’t miss the Regional VMUGs – Denver’s is May 30th

The regional VMUG season has kicked off again and if there is one in your area you should make a point of attending it. The regional VMUGs or “User Conferences” are much larger than traditional local VMUGs and are all-day events that are more like mini-VMworld’s. There are 4 tracks throughout the day where you can choose from various vendor sessions which are encouraged to be educational in nature. I developed the session for HP which is entitled “Understanding and optimizing storage performance in vSphere”. There are also sessions provided by VMware on various technical topics, this year VMware has expanded their sessions from 4 to 8. I’ve attended the South Florida and Silicon Valley VMUG’s already and will be attending the upcoming Charlotte VMUG on 5/15. While at the SV VMUG I was able to arrange an interview with Stephen Herrod to chat about VMUG’s and various topics.

I live in Denver and our regional VMUG is coming up at the end of the month on 5/30 so if you live there be sure and register for it. I’ll be there, I’m sure Scott Lowe will be there as he lives in Denver as well and John Troyer from VMware will be giving the afternoon keynote.

You can view the full list of upcoming regional VMUG’s here. I’ll also be attending the Minnesota, Indianapolis, Chicago and Kansas City VMUGs later this year.

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