Best of VMworld awards judging process

With Tech Target’s Best of VMworld awards once again coming up and this being my 3rd year judging it I thought I would share my insights in to the judging process from a post that I did last year:

I wanted to comment on some recent controversy concerning the Best of VMworld award winners by explaining in detail the process and how the judges decide winners for each category. I’ve been a judge for two years now so I know how challenging it can sometimes be to pick the winners.

Let me begin by explaining what we are not doing when judging products. We are not installing each product and testing them out to determine a winner, that’s not what the awards are about. So we are not installing product A in a lab and seeing how it performs against product B to try and determine which product is better. In fact in many cases product A may do something completely different from product B and a direct comparison is not possible. In the hardware category for example the winner was the Cisco UCS and one of the finalists was the Xsigo I/O Director, two very different products that aren’t directly comparable to each other.

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