May 07 2009

Memory Links

Memory Resource Management in VMWare ESX Server
The Role of Memory in ESX Server 3
Memory resource management in Vmware ESX Server
Understanding memory usage in Windows 2000
Operating System Extensions to Support Host Based Virtual Machines
RAM, Virtual Memory, Pagefile and all that stuff and Microsoft KB article
Understanding the Impact of RAM on Overall System Performance
The 3GB-not-4GB RAM problem
Large memory support is available in Windows Server 2003 and in Windows 2000
A description of the 4 GB RAM Tuning feature and the Physical Address Extension switch
Memory Provisioning Recommendations for VI3
Understanding Host and Guest memory usage (VMworld 2007)
Memory Optimization
Server Memory Power Consumption & Capacity Planning (VMworld 2007)
VirtualCenter Memory Statistic Definitions
Memory Overcommit – Real life examples from VMware customers
Large Page Performance
Idle Memory Tax
Memory technology evolution: an overview of system memory technologies
Fully-Buffered DIMM technology in HP ProLiant servers
Kingston Technology memory ranking technical brief
Using the esxtop tool to identify VMware ESX memory use
Memory Behavior when VM Limits are Set

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