Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Links

VMware users explore disaster recover options
VMware ESX Server and Storage Architecture Best Practices for Performance, Backup, and Disaster Recovery (VMworld 2006)
Using Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning to Drive Virtualization in the Production Data Center (VMworld 2006)
An Aggressive Approach Using P2V to Address Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (VMworld 2006)
Leveraging VMware ESX Server in Disaster Recovery Solutions (VMworld 2006)
Implementing Effective Backup Strategies For Disaster Recovery (VMworld 2006)
VMware Infrastructure 3 Capabilities for Improving Disaster Recovery (VMworld 2006)
Using Virtual Infrastructure as a High Availability Platform for Physical Production Servers (VMworld 2006)
VMware ESX Server as a Foundation for High Availability and Disaster Recovery for the Microsoft Server Platform (VMworld 2006)
Migrating Server Operations from Remote Sites to the Data Center for Disaster Recovery and Protection (VMworld 2006)
VMware Consolidated Backup for Disaster Recovery (VMworld 2006)
Innovative Approaches for High Availability and Disaster Recovery in Your VMware Infrastructure Environment (VMworld 2006)
Double-Take Replication in the VMware Environment
Disaster Recovery Virtualization
New Trends in Disaster Recovery for VMware (VMworld 2007)
Disaster Recovery Solution Architecture for VMware (VMworld 2007)
Tips and Tricks – Disaster Recovery in a Box (VMworld 2007)
Successful Disaster Recovery Testing for Virtualized DR (VMWorld 2007)
Simply Addressing the DR Needs of Virtual Infrastructures (VMworld 2007)
Using Virtualization as a Recovery Platform (VMworld 2007)
A Practical Guide to Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery with VMware Infrastructure 3

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