Fault Tolerance Links

VMware Fault Tolerance Recommendations and Considerations on VMware vSphere 4 (VMware)
Protecting Mission-Critical Workloads with VMware Fault Tolerance (VMware)
VMware vSphere 4 Fault Tolerance: Architecture and Performance (VMware)
Fault Tolerance Datasheet (VMware)
Master’s guide to VMware Fault Tolerance (Virtualization Pro)
VMware Fault Tolerance: What it is and how it works (Virtualization Pro)
More details on VMwares Fault Tolerance Feature (Virtualization Pro)
New SiteSurvey utility from VMware checks for Fault Tolerance compatibility (Virtualization Pro)
VMware engineers caution IT pros: Use Fault Tolerance sparingly (SearchServerVirtualization)
FT Problem Decoder Chart (Virtualization Evangelist)
Not All FT Compatible CPUs Are Created Equal (Virtualization Evangelist)
After enabling FT on a VM – subtleties to expect (Virtualization Evangelist)
vSphere FT disk format (Musings of Rodos)
How does Fault Tolerance prevent a split brain scenario? (The VM Guy)
vSphere 4.0 Fault Tolerance (Architecture Diagram, Video and Use Cases) (HyperVizor)
Video: vSphere4 Unleashed: 04 – Fault Tolerance (HyperVizor)
List of VMware FT (Fault Tolerant) compatible CPUs (Gabes Virtual World)
Fault Tolerance Checklist (NTPro)
CPU compatibility with VMware Fault Tolerance (NTPro)
VMware Fault Tolerance at your home-lab (NTPro)
VMware Fault Tolerance, Determinism, and SMP (The Lone Sysadmin)
Disaster Recovery and vSphere 4.0 Fault Tolerance (Xtravirt)
Comparing Performance of 1vCPU Nehalem VM with 2vCPU Harpertown VM (VMware VROOM!)
Performance of Exchange Server 2007 in a Fault Tolerant Virtual Machine (VMware VROOM!)
Scheduling VMware’s FT (Professional VMware)
VMware FT (Virtualised Reality)
Demo of Fault Tolerance (video)
Meet the Engineer – VMware Fault Tolerance (video)
Fault Tolerance discussion on VMware Communities Roundtable (podcast)
Fault Tolerant VMs in VMware Infrastructure: Operation and Best Practices (VMworld 2008)
VMware Fault Tolerance Architecture and Performance (BC2961) (VMworld 2009)
VMware Fault Tolerance Real-World Use Cases (BC3369) (VMworld 2009)
VMware Fault Tolerance – Overview and Best Practices (BC3370) (VMworld 2009)
VMware Fault Tolerance – vSphere Workflows and API Considerations (BC3602) (VMworld 2009)
VMware Fault Tolerance FAQ (KB Article)
Reducing FT logging traffic for disk read intensive workloads (KB Article)
Processors and guest operating systems that support VMware Fault Tolerance (KB Article)
VMware Fault Tolerance migration transition states (KB Article)
Understanding VMware Fault Tolerance (KB Article)
The turn on Fault Tolerance option is disabled (KB Article)

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