ESX vs. ESXi: Convincing your boss to move to ESXi

Since VMware first introduced its ESXi hypervisor at the end of 2007, the ESX-vs.-ESXi debate has escalated. But now that VMware plans to phase out ESX and switch to ESXi, migrating to ESXi has become increasingly important.

But the reality is that many VMware shops still run the ESX hypervisor. ESXi has a radically different management approach, and many ESX shops have avoided ESXi because it lacked the power of ESX’s service console. Additionally, several ESX features were not available in early ESXi iterations.

But ESXi has steadily matured, and now the consensus is that the stripped-down hypervisor is on par with ESX’s features and management. But many IT shops still run ESX because they are used to it, and the transition to ESXi can be time-consuming and difficult.

Now that ESXi will replace ESX, you may be ready to switch hypervisors. But you might have to convince your boss and coworkers to get on board. To end the ESX vs. ESXi debate for good, this sample letter should help you make a convincing argument for migrating to ESXi.

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  1. This is a great post Eric. In my last position I was in the process of breaking the ESX paradigm, they just feel like their losing power and capability by leaving ESX. I was successful in moving at least 2 of our hosts to ESXi, but it was a painful process for them, so I spent the majority of my time educating them on it. It seemed to be like taking their right hand away and forcing them to use the left. I think it’s a good move to upgrade to ESXi, but some people just don’t like change.


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