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I’m back at it and getting ready to launch Top vBlog 2018. Been fairly busy the last few months getting my house ready to sell and moving to a new state soon. This year the modified scoring method I put into place last year will remain the same. Instead of just relying on public voting which can become more about popularity and less about blog content, I added several other scoring factors last year into the mix and I think that worked out well. The total points that blogger can receive through the entire process will be made up of the following factors:

  • 80% – public voting – general voting – anyone can vote – votes are tallied and weighted for points based on voting rankings as done in past years
  • 10% – number of posts in a year – how much effort a blogger has put into writing posts over the course of a year based on Andreas hard work adding this up each year (aggregator’s excluded)
  • 10% – Google PageSpeed score – how well a blogger has done to build and optimize their site as scored by Google’s PageSpeed tools, you can read more on this here where I scored some of the top blogs.

Once again the 10 minimum blog posts rule in 2017 will be enforced to be eligible to be on the Top vBlog voting form. Some new stuff this year though:

  • An optional timed and scored test your vKnowledge quiz at the end of the voting giving voters a chance to win Amazon gift cards. This quiz is sponsored by Nutanix and will feature questions to see how much you know about the virtualization community, various trivia and the history of virtualization.
  • A truly live reveal show, I’m looking to have a live reveal show that is also broadcast via the internet at VMworld US. We’ll have special guests, an emcee and more to make it a fun event.

And thank you once again to Turbonomic for sponsoring Top vBlog 2018, stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for starting again this beautiful vBlog2018 contest and also thank you Nutanix and Turbomonic for supporting such efforts.

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