May 27 2009

Thin Provisioning Links

vSphere 4 0 Thin Provisioning on EMC Storage (video) (EMC)
Living Thin in a Fat World (IT Blood Pressure)
Reclaiming unused VMDK space with storage thin provisioning (SearchVMware)
VMware vSphere 4 Thin Provisioning: Pros & Cons (The Lone Sysadmin)
Why Thin Provisioning Is Not The Holy Grail for Utilisation (The Storage Architect)
Responsible Thin Provisioning in VMware vSphere (vCritical)
Thin on Thin? Where should you do Thin Provisioning – vSphere 4.0 or Array-Level? (Virtual Geek)
VCE-101 Thin Provisioning Part 1 – The Basics (Virtual Storage Guy)
VCE-101 Thin Provisioning Part 2 – Going Beyond (Virtual Storage Guy)
Get Thin Provisioning working for you in vSphere (Virtual Insanity)
Thin Provisioning Storage Choices (Virtualization Evangelist)
Pointers for using thin-provisioned disks (Virtualization Pro)
VMware ESX 4 Reclaiming Thin Provisioned disk Unused Space (Virtualization Team)
Provision a Thin Provisioned Standby LUN For vSphere Thin Provisioning (VM/ETC)
vStorage Thin Provisioning Datasheet (VMware)
Performance Study of VMware vStorage Thin Provisioning (VMware)
Dynamic Storage Provisioning (VMware)
Thin Provisioning – What’s the scoop? (VMware vSphere Blog)
VMware Thin Provisioning within ESX 4.0 (Xtravirt)
Storage VMotion and moving to a Thin Provisioned disk (Yellow Bricks)

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