Day 2 – Tuesday Links

Paul Maritz Welcome and General Session Keynote (Webcast)
VMworld Day 1 Keynote – A Few Thoughts (Chris Wolf)
VMworld 2009 Day 1 Keynote (Scott Lowe)
VMware vCloud Event with Paul Maritz (Scott Lowe)
VMworld 2009 Tuesday Keynote (VM/ETC)
VMworld 2009 keynote – day one (
VMworld Day 1 Keynote – A Few Thoughts (Burton Group)
Live from VMworld 2009: Day 1 (
Live from VMworld 2009: VMware on Cloud Computing (
Live from VMWorld 2009 – Day 1 (DynaTrace)
VMworld 2009 (San Francisco) Day 1: Key Note – A Summary (TechHead)
VMworld 2009 – Day 1 in Pictures (TechHead)
VMWorld 2009 Keynote Day 1 (VM Guy)
Live blogging the VMworld 2009 keynote (Brian Madden)
VMworld 2009: Day 1: Tuesday: The Keynote (RTFM Education)
VMworld 2009 – Day 1: Press/Analyst Cloud Event (RTFM Education)
VMworld 09 Tuesday Keynote (Virtual Lifestyle)
vCloud Express, VMworld booth babes, and vSphere 4.1? (Virtualization Pro)
VMworld 2009 Day 2 Video Summary (Musings of Rodos)
VMware cloud talk stirs interest — and some skepticism (SearchServerVirtualization)
VMware extends vCloud with self-provisioning, APIs (SearchServerVirtualization)
Live from VMworld: Short on New, Long on Vision (Mental Ward)
VMworld Attendance Down; Cloud Up (Mental Ward)
VMware’s Maritz Plays the Bad Cop (Mental Ward)
VMWorld 2009 Day 3: VMware vCloud Initiative (Knudt Blog)
VMWorld 2009 Day 3: Tuesday (Knudt Blog)
VMware Announces vCloud Express (Jason Boche)
VMware announces VMware vCloud Express, goes head to head with Amazon EC2 (
VMworld 2009 – Opening Keynote – Tod Throws the Gaunlet (It’s Just Another Layer)
VMware announces vCloud Express (Gerben’s Blog)
VMworld 2009 Day 2 Wrap Up (Professional VMware)
A few of my favorite things from VMworld2009, so far (Virtual Insanity)

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