Top 10 things you must read about VMware Storage

  1. SAN Configuration Guide – A big guide from VMware on SAN background, installation and management.
  2. SAN System Design and Deployment Guide – Another big guide from VMware on designing and deploying SAN environments to use with VI3.
  3. Design, Build and Manage your SAN Environment using VI3 – A VMworld 2007 presentation from VMware that discusses how VMware Infrastructure 3 can solve SAN management problems by providing solutions such as managing multiple hosts/clients from sprawling, multipathing management without the high cost and complexity, cluster file system for HA solutions, LUN security, and storage consolidation. This is a vendor neutral session providing topics for SAN architects and administrators ideas on ways to best deploy VMware Infrastructure 3 on SAN.
  4. NFS & iSCSI – Performance Characterization and Best Practices – A VMworld 2007 presentation from VMware that provides a performance-oriented overview of the technology along with performance troubleshooting techniques and best-practice recommendations in typical ESX Server deployment. Up-to-date performance data, a review of performance optimizations available currently and a preview of features in upcoming releases are also be presented.
  5. Choosing and Architecting Storage for your Environment – A VMworld 2006 presentation on selecting and architecting the right storage solution for your ESX environment.
  6. ESX Storage Virtualization Insights – A TSX 2007 presentation on the ESX storage stack, VMFS vs. RDM and multi-pathing.
  7. Network Appliance and VMware ESX Server 3.0 Storage Best Practices – A white paper from Netapp with general best practices and recommendations on using storage with ESX.
  8. iSCSI, NAS and IP Storage Configuration for Vmware ESX Server – A VMworld 2006 presentation on using iSCSI and NAS instead of a SAN with ESX.
  9. Comparison of Storage Protocol Performance – A VMware performance study comparing Fibre Channel, Hardware iSCSI, Software iSCSI and NFS.
  10. Configuring iSCSI in a Vmware 3 environment – A white paper from VMware on using and configuring iSCSI in your ESX environment.
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