Top vBlog 2016 coming soon

It’s almost that time of year again, some quick notes about this year’s voting:

  • If you haven’t received last years coin, let me know, I haven’t heard from some people and I think there are a few others that contacted me that I need to send. Drop me an email at esiebert7625 at yahoo dot com.
  • Thank you to this year’s sponsor VMTurbo that helps make all this possible, give them a big shout out for doing this.
  • Last year I had excluded anyone that had not blogged in a year. This year there will be a 8 post minimum in 2015 to be eligible to be on the ballot, this will help weed out many of the non-active bloggers and give the bloggers that are active a better chance. Thank you to Andreas Lesslhumer for all his work counting blog posts.
  • A new year brings a new coin design so every year is unique, I’ve found the coin company I use isn’t all that creative and basically just prints what you tell them to. Last year I hired a designer on fiverr to try and get a good design but I wasn’t too happy with their creativity either. If anyone has any ideas and suggestions for this year or wants to mock up a sketch please let me know. I’ll be using the same metals this year, shiny gold for top 10, antique silver for top 25 and antique copper for top 50. Last year I did a diamond edge on the coin this year I was thinking of doing an hour glass or pleated edge. You can see all the different coin options here. Here’s my rough mock-up so far:

design1-cropLook for posts with more details in the upcoming weeks as we start to kick things off in January.

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  1. Hey Eric, looking forward to 2016 listing, just being a bit of the ‘brand police’ here, but VMTurbo might want their brand represented correctly on the coin 😉

  2. Hi Eric!
    Fist of all, congratulations for all the effort you put on the Top vBlog contest. It should be a tremendous amount of work.

    I have a very little (and new) blog here in São Paulo, Brazil. I think I´m one of the few blogs in Brazilian Portuguese out there talking about VMware and I will not get even close to the 10000000th position if I entry my blog in the contest. I would like make a suggestion to create a category of “foreing or Non English” blogs to give a chance to the non English blogs – blogs in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French and so on – to participate of the Top vBlog contest and be noticed.

    Thanks in advance.


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