Nov 07 2011

Top blog voting coming up soon!

The polls will open next week for the annual VMware/virtualization top blog voting, so if you want to make sure your site is included make sure I have your blog listed on my vLaunchPad. This year will be a bit different, instead of just a top 25 we’ll also have categories kind of like they do at many awards shows. Some of the categories will be Best New Blog, Best Storage Blog, Blogger You Most Want To Meet, etc. I’m still playing with the categories so sound off in the comments if you have any ideas.

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  1. Josh Atwell

    I would love to have my blog added to the vLaunchPad and considered for voting. Looking forward to the voting!

    Josh Atwell

  2. TommyT

    can you add mine 🙂

  3. Sudharsan

    Hi Eric –

    Can you please also include my site focused on Virtualization and Storage on the list ?


  4. Dave Convery

    Eric –
    I have left Daily Hypervisor. I am now on my own with http://www.tech-tap.com


  5. Andreas Peetz

    Hi Eric,
    please add my blog to your vLaunchpad.
    Thanks and best regards,

  6. Andi Lesslhumer


    it would be great if you would list my blog, too.


  7. Scott

    just wondering when you are posting your list of the top blogs?

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