Top Blog 2012 results

So the voting has ended, the results have been tabulated and here they are. There were around 80 new blogs on the ballot this year and 4 new blogs to make the top 25. This year there was almost 1200 votes compared to around 800 last year. Voters were asked to pick their top 10 favorite blogs and them rank them from 1 to 10. The votes are weighted so a #1 vote is worth 10 points, a #2 vote is worth 9 points all the way down to a #10 vote being worth 1 point. The total points for each blog were added up to determine the results. It’s a pretty time consuming process for me, some of it is automated but I still have to add up votes and drop them into a spreadsheet to determine the winners.

Be sure and watch the special vChat top blogger awards episode that we recorded with special guest John Troyer as we count up the top 25 winners with lots of color commentary. The vLaunchpad and Planet vSphere-land will be updated soon to reflect the new voting results. Thank you everyone who voted and congratulations to the winners. With so many bloggers out there its a tough scene but I seriously encourage you all to keep at it, the longer you stick with it, the more people notice and will reward you with their vote. You guys are all great, I know how hard it can be to find the time to blog but do know that your efforts are appreciated and your unselfish dedication makes a difference to a great many of people.

Special thanks to TrainSignal for sponsoring it again this year, be sure and check out their website for their great new vSphere 5 and View 5 training offerings.

Here are the overall voting results…

BlogRankPreviousTotal VotesTotal Points#1 Votes
Yellow Bricks (Duncan Epping)116975440243
Scott Lowe23480303425 (Eric Sloof)34419259245
Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac)42381229846
Frank Denneman56373221419
RTFM Education (Mike Laverick)6533717756
Virtu-al (Alan Renouf)79294159910
Virtually Ghetto (William Lam)825288152221
Virtualization Evangelist (Jason Boche)98283139215
vSphere-land (Eric Siebert)10726412679
The SLOG (Simon Long)1111225125823
Virtual Storage Guy (Vaughn Stewart)1215218124548
vReference (Forbes Guthrie)1319219112314
LucD (Luc Dekens)1421174105520
Gabe's Virtual World (Gabriel Van Zanten)151020499519
Nickapedia (Nicholas Weaver)162417194814
My Virtual Cloud (Andre Leibovici)173915091425
TechHead (Simon Seagrave)181416690417 (Various)191317981521
ESX Virtualization (Vladan Seget)202313880419
Chris Colotti21-11973328
VMware Tips (Rick Scherer)22181557185
Pivot Point (Scott Drummonds)23171146151
Brian Madden24-965816
Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat25-1165621
vCritical (Eric Gray)26161124830
Hypervizor (Hany Michael)2712974674
J Metz (J Michael Metz - Cisco)28-874473
Wikibon Blog (S. Miniman/D. Vellante)2969943951
A vTexan (Tommy Trogden)30-7238614
The Lone Sysadmin (Bob Plankers)31656238312
Professional VMware (Cody Bunch)3258733814
Around the Storage Block (Calvin Zito - HP)33-623784
GestaltIT (Various)3443913770
Mike D's Blog (Mike DiPetrillo)3522843733
Chris Wolf3641833641
Kendrick Coleman3730793552
VMware Videos (David Davis)38-583093
vSamurai (Christopher Wells)39-453086
The Storage Architect (Chris Evans)40-563061
Storage Nerve (Devang Panchigar)41-533041
VM/ETC (Rich Brambley)4220742980
VM Guru (Scott Herold)43-712921
2 VCP's (Jon Owings)4445702875
Technodrone (Maish Saidel-Keesing)45324128314
StorageIO (Greg Schulz)46-522767
Virtualize Tips (Brian Suhr)47-512764
IT 2.0 (Massimo Re Ferre)4838502721
Justin's IT Blog49-452689
The Virtualization Practice (Various)5049412657
Wahl Network (Chris Wahl)51-3625212
Sudrsn's Blog (Sudharsan)52-3524914
Ray On Storage (Ray Lucchesi)53-462431
vInfrastructure Blog (Andrew Mauro)54-422377
Ruptured Monkey (Nigel Poulton)55-422330
The Lower Case W (Matt Liebowitz)5685372286
vNinja (Christian Mohn)57-532251
Rickatron Blog (Rick Vanover)5883442220
Aaron Delp5948492211
WoodITWork (Julian Wood)60-482203
Arnim van Lieshout6127422151
The (Brian Gracely)62-332158
VMware Training & Certification (Scott Vessey)6442462102
Backup Central (W. Curtis Preston)65-442081
Hu's Blog (HDS - Hu Yoshida)66-2720714
Double Cloud (Steve Jin)6744352033
Planet VM (Tom Howarth)6835462013
The VM Guy (Dave Lawrence)6926331961
A Crazy Penguin (Andy Wood)70110341952
Virtual Admin Notes (Anton Zhbankov)71372619112
Virtual Insanity (S. Sauer/A. Sweemer)7228421896
vTesseract (Josh Atwell)73-321885
What Would Dan Do (Dan Brinkmann)74-361863
vSpecialist (Michael Poore)75-351843 (Arne Fokkema)76-431810
Hands On Virtualization (Barry Coombs)77-281771
Virtualization Security (Tripwire)7866331760
Virtualization, Data Center & Networking79-381751 (Sander Daems)8034311756
Juanma's Blog (Juan Manuel)81-2317311
Storagebod (Martin Glassborow)82-321722
Ivo Beerens8361281712
Virtualization Pro (E. Siebert/Various)84-371690
Rational Survivability (Christofer Hoff)8552301651
SearchServerVirtualization Blog (Various)8668351652
Virtual VCP (Rynardt Spies)8763391630
Everything Virtual (Simon Davies)88-291615 (Andi Lesslhumer)89-271604
Everyday Virtualization (Rick Vanover)9040351572
Jonathan Medd91-321560
Andi Mann9297341540
Virtualised Reality (Barry Coombs)9364341544
Jase's Place (Jase McCarty)9447341531
That's My View (Christoph Hardin)95-271410
vmDK (Damian Karlson)96-291380
Virtual Planet (Ricky El-Qasem)9790341371
VMdamentals (Erik Zandboer)98-291362
A Day In The Life (Adam Baum)99114281350
The Data Center Overlords (Tony Bourke)100-271350
Virtualization Team (Various)10187311340
The HyperAdvisor (Antone Heyward)102101231321
The Saffa Geek (Gregg Robertson)103-261321
VirtualPro (Craig Stewart)10475311301
Run-virtual (Richard Garsthagen)10546211291
Virtualization Stuff (Mark Mac Auley)106108291270
Virtualization Spotlight (P. Redknap)107-231250 (Simon Gallagher)10896241241
Rickard Nobel109-241191
Virtualization Information (S. Snowden)11094231191
VMBulletin (Rick Schlander)111106251181
vDestination (Greg Stuart)11259251172
Virtual Geek (Cedric Megroz)113-221173
VM Admin (Andy Barnes)11484281150
Virtual SMB (Will Huber)115-221144
Poshoholic (Kirk Munro)116-221130
Virtual Noob (Chad King)117-281131
vExperienced (Edward Grigson)118-261112
By The Bell (Steve Kaplan)11931171092
The Storage Anarchist (Barry Burke)120-181091
vFrank (Frank Brix Pedersen)12181201082
VM Today (Joshua Townsend)122102221080
Virtualization for Service Providers123-191061
Infoworld Virtualization Report (D. Marshall)12474171011
mwpreston dot net (Mike Preston)125-171011
VMware Info (Carlo Costanzo)12654171014
TechProsaic (Hal Rottenberg)12771191000
Lewan Professional Services Team Blog128-13996
Going Virtual (Brian Norris)1298022961
vElemental (Clint Kitson)130-23961
Demitasse (Alastair Cooke)131-14932
VMware Admins (Eric Sarakaitis)132-24931
Cloud Buddy (Bilal Hashmi)133-19920
Virtualization Buster (Jonathan Franconi)13411320912
vMacken (David Owen)135-20910
Peacon Blog (James Pearce)136-19901
Virtual Lifestyle (Joep Piscaer)1377016901
Beaver's Virtual Dam (Steve Beaver)13810418871
Blue Gears (Edwad Haletky)1399320860
Knudt Blog (Brian Knudtson)1407818850
Virtual Jay (Jay Rogers)14111120850
VMexplorer (Matt Mancini)142-17830
Burdweiser (James Burd)143-14820
Lori MacVittie14410013821
Robert van den Nieuwendijk145-19822
View Yonder (Steve Chambers)1463320790
VMnerds (Jéré­mie Bri­son)147-19790
Blue Shift Blog (Kevin Kelling)14811219780
Virtual Clouds (Marco Broeken)149-20780
J.F.V.I. (Chris Dearden)1507317740
Virtual Troll (Heino Skov)1517917740
Ken's Virtual Reality (Ken Cline)1526217730
Virtual Future (Sven Huisman)1535713720
Jume (Bouke Groenescheij)1545617700
VirtuallyLG (Lorenzo Galelli)155-19690
IT Blood Pressure (Dwayne Lessner)156-16680
Virtually Speaking (Dan Kusnetzky)15710316681
vPerformance (Anders Hansen)158-17680
UP2V (Marcel van den Berg)159-10672
VMwise (Kanuj Behl)1608615670
Peeters Online (Hugo Peeters)1616019650
VMware Front Experience (Andreas Peetz)162-11652
vNoob (Conrad Ramos)163-17651 (Martijn Baecke)164-15640
Vinternals (Stuart Radnidge)1653616640
Malaysia VM1668814630
ValCo Labs (Josh Coen)167-11620
vSential (James Bowling)168-11620
Roger Lund IT/VMware Blog (Roger Lund)1705514610
VMwarewolf (Richard Blythe)1716715610
Virtualizing the D.C. (Tony Wilburn)17211515590
Gerbens Blog (G. Kloosterman)1735014582
Elastic Vapor (Reuven Cohen)1749511571
It's Just Another Layer (Ian K.)17510512560
vNotion (Anton Gostev)1765113560
Virtual Hints (Matt Lorimer)1779915530
Tech-Tap (Dave Convery)178-9521
VMworldz (Scott March)1798211510
vKnowledge (Ted Steenvoorden)1809213480
DeinosCloud (Didier Pironet)1819812420
Mourad Boubchir182-5373
Enterprise Admins (Brian Wuchner)183-9330
GeekSilver's Blog184-6300
Musings of Rodos (Rodney Haywood)185777290
Eprich (Paul Richards)186-5270
vReality (Tomi Hakala)187-8240

And here are the top blog category winners…

Favorite Storage BlogVotes
Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac - EMC)354
Virtual Storage Guy (Vaughn Stewart - NetApp)158
Around the Storage Block (Calvin Zito - HP)61
StorageIO (Greg Schulz)59
Nickapedia (Nicholas Weaver)55
Hands On Virtualization (Barry Coombs)52
Hu's Blog (Hu Yoshida - HDS)42
Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat40
The Storage Architect (Chris Evans)37
vTexan (Tommy Trogden)34
The Storage Anarchist (Barry Burke)26
Ray On Storage (Ray Lucchesi)22
J Metz (J Michael Metz - Cisco)20
Storage Nerve (Devang Panchigar)17
Storage Mojo (Robin Harris)15
Ruptured Monkey (Nigel Poulton)8
Wikibon Blog8
Other not listed106
Favorite Cloud Computing BlogVotes
Hypervizor (Hany Michael)206
DoubleCloud (Steve Jin)124
The (Brian Gracely)121
IT 2.0 (Massimo Re Ferre')119
Andi Mann - UberGeek112
Rational Survivability (Christofer Hoff)63
DevCentral (Lori MacVittie)40
Other not listed352
Favorite End User Computing (VDI) BlogVotes
Brian Madden262
My Virtual Cloud (Andre Leibovici)235
vTexan (Tommy Trogden)87
Virtualize Planet (Ricky El-Qasem)56
What Would Dan Do (Dan Brinkmann)53
Wahl Network (Chris Wahl)52
That's My View (Christoph Hardin)51
Virtualize Tips (Brian Suhr)47
IT Blood Pressure (Dwayne Lessner)46
Demitasse (Alastair Cooke)19
Other not listed228
Favorite News/Information WebsiteVotes (Eric Siebert)284 (Tech Target)148
VMware Training & Certification (Scott Vessey)90 (Tech Target)88
VM Blog (David Marshall)72
Virtualization Review44
Virtual Strategy Magazine37
Virtualization Admin26
Other not listed187
Favorite Scripting BlogVotes
Virtu-al (Alan Renouf)247
Virtually Ghetto (William Lam)223
LucD Notes (Luc Dekens)154
DoubleCloud (Steve Jin)56
vElemental (Clint Kitson)52 (Arne Fokkema)47
Technodrone (Maish Saidel-Keesing)46
vTesseract (Josh Atwell)38
Jonathan Medd's Blog31
Robert van den Nieuwendijk21
TechProsaic (Hal Rottenberg)17
Other not listed204
Favorite PodcastVotes
vChat (Simon Seagrave, David Davis, Eric Siebert)182
Professional VMware BrownBags (Cody Bunch)177
vSoup (Chris Dearden, Christian Mohn, Ed Czerwin)108
The CloudCast (Aaron Delp, Brian Gracely)76
Hands On Virtualization (Barry Coombs)74
Nekkid Tech (Greg Knieriemen)70
Virtualization Security (Edward Haletky)50
APAC Virtualization Podcast (Alastair Cooke)41
Other not listed306
Favorite Official VMware blogVotes
VMTN Community (John Troyer)198
VMware vSphere Blog135
ESXi Chronicles123
Vroom! (Performance)114
VMware Storage Blog84
Office of the CTO Blogs (S. Herrod/others)67
VMware vCloud Blog55
vSphere PowerCLI Blog (Scripting)55
Virtual Reality (VMware perspective)51
VMware End-User Computing Blog45
Uptime (Business continuity & DR)23
VMware Vision21
VMware Networking Blog20
The Console (VMware management)16
VMware Security Blog14
Other not listed116
Best Videos used in a BlogVotes (Eric Sloof)351
VMware Videos (David Davis)253
RTFM Education (Mike Laverick)146
Professional VMware (Cody Bunch)107
The Cloudcast (.net) Video Channel (Brian Gracely)74
Other not listed206
Favorite New BlogVotes
Hands On Virtualization (Barry Coombs)96
vTesseract (Josh Atwell)92
vInfrastructure Blog (Andrew Mauro)82
The Cloudcast (.NET) (Brian Gracely)72
vElemental (Clint Kitson)67
Cloud Buddy (Bilal Hashmi)64
Virtual Noob (Chad King)46
vNoob (Conrad Ramos)45
Virtual Geek (Cedric Megroz)43
Virtual SMB (Will Huber)43
What Would Dan Do (Dan Brinkmann)43
Robert van den Nieuwendijk38
mwpreston dot net (Mike Preston)28
VMware Front Experience (Andreas Peetz)19
ValCo Labs (Josh Coen)16
Mourad Boubchir13
Other not listed318
Favorite Independent BloggerVotes (Eric Sloof)180
RTFM Education (Mike Laverick)110
ESX Virtualization (Vladan Seget)62
Gabe's Virtual World (Gabe Van Zanten)57
vReference (Forbes Guthrie)54
The Storage Architect (Chris Evans)40
Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat35
Professional VMware (Cody Bunch)32
VMware Videos (David Davis)31
StorageIO (Greg Schulz)29
Technodrone (Maish Saidel-Keesing)29
Wahl Network (Chris Wahl)28
Wikibon Blog (Stuart Miniman)27
vNinja (Christian Mohn)26
WoodITWork (Julian Wood)24
Cloud Buddy (Bilal Hashmi)23
VMware Training & Certification (Scott Vessey)21
Virtual Noob (Chad King)18
Jonathan Medd16
Ray On Storage (Ray Lucchesi)16
vInfrastructure Blog (Andrew Mauro)16
Virtualised Reality (Barry Coombs)16
VMnerds (Jéré­mie Bri­son)13 (Sander Daems)13
VMware Front Experience (Andreas Peetz)12
Demitasse (Alastair Cooke)11
IT Blood Pressure (Dwayne Lessner)11
Virtual Clouds (Marco Broeken)8
Mourad Boubchir7
ValCo Labs (Josh Coen)6
mwpreston dot net (Mike Preston)4
Other not listed153

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  1. Thank you for yet another Blog contest. I know you put a lot of work into it.

  2. Thanks for spending the time on this Eric, I know you put a lot of your own personal time into arranging this, we all appreciate it. Beer on me next time I see you. If that doesn’t count as bribery of course !

  3. Eric,

    Thanks very much for putting the voting together for the Top 25! I hope to work harder in 2012 and move my way up the list in the coming year.
    Perhaps I’ll even crack the Top 25, who knows 😉 Thanks again!!!

    • Duncan on February 26, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    I know it has been a crazy amount of work for you Eric. Keep it up… much appreciated!

  4. Eric,
    Your work on this is hugely appreciated. This helps validate to me (and my wife) that the time I spend is worthwhile and appreciated. Definitely motivated to follow more quality bloggers and to do more myself! Congrats to all of the top picks!

    • Vamsi on February 26, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    I feel LucD (Luc Dekens) is under rated.

    • Aravind on February 27, 2012 at 12:11 am

    Appreciate your effort you put on this contest.. Congrats to the toppers!!!

  5. Wow, and if we thought your Top XX voting couldn’t be topped year after year, once again you prove us wrong! This year’s voting topics were expanded, and people came in from all walks of life to help vote. Kudos on what you are doing here Eric. Really nice work! Congrats to everyone who made the various lists. Please keep up the great work telling everyone else what most of us have already known for years.

    • NiTRo on February 27, 2012 at 6:45 am

    Thanks Eric and thanks everyone for taking time to vote

    • James on February 27, 2012 at 9:39 am

    Wow, thanks for putting this together. I didn’t expect to make the list, it’s nice to see people are voting for me.

    • Rajeev on February 27, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    Great list..

  6. Big Thanks to Eric..

    Congratulations to Duncan..

  7. Eric, thank you very much for the efforts to get this contest together.


    • halchris on February 28, 2012 at 11:48 am

    I appreciate this as there is a few I have never seen. I was wondering how do you get on the list for next year?

    • Carlo on March 7, 2012 at 1:59 am

    Wow, thanks for this post, I hope next year I can take part in the contest!

    Congratulations to Duncan!

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