Things to do in San Francisco at VMworld

VMworld was last in San Francisco in 2010 having gone back to Vegas in 2011. Back in 2009 I compiled a list of links of things to do in San Francisco that you might find useful this year. Compared to Vegas there is just so much more to see and do and at least you’re not trapped in a hotel all day & night. One of those unique attractions in SF is the famous Bushman, forget booth babes, I would love to see a vendor hire the Bushman for their booth in the Solutions Expo and scare the crap out of virtualization geeks. Here’s the link to my San Francisco link post:

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    • Rick Byrne on August 18, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    When I was there in 2009 I had the bush man do his thing right in front of me, it was priceless. I remember hearing about it, and then I seen a bush moving and bam there he was in all his glory 🙂

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