Jan 17 2010

The top blog full voting results

Here’s a table with the vote totals for all the VMware/virtualization blogs included in the survey, there were a few others that only had 1 or two votes that I didn’t include. Total votes includes any vote a blog received whether it was 1 through 10. Total points is the sum of each vote times it’s appropriate weight for the position (#1 vote = 10 points, #2 vote = 9 points, all the way down to a #10 vote = 1 point).

PositionBlog#1 VotesTotal VotesTotal Points
1Yellow Bricks1585254191
2Virtual Geek1113792938
3Scott Lowe563972889
5RTFM Education73051734
6Virtualization Evangelist132861482
8Gabe's Virtual World82331096
9Virtual Storage Guy58153990
11Virtualization Pro3152744
13VMware Tips5155726
14Frank Denneman22112697
15The VM Guy2148643
16Planet VM4136633
17The SLOG8122614
19Mike D's2122537
23Pivot Point282380
25Chris Wolf087375
26By The Bell182358
27Ken's Virtual Reality179347
29Arnim van Lieshout952304
30Run Virtual063287
31View Yonder056276
32ESX Virtualization153263
33VMware Info956261
34Professional VMware257243
35Everyday Virtualization848231
36IT 2.0346212
37Virtual Future842209
382 VCPs153207
39Virtual Kenneth534200
40Gerben Blog133194
41VM Today141189
42The Virtualization Practice638188
43Andi Mann040188
45Virtual Insanity440180
46Virtual VCP041179
47Musings of Rodos435176
48Virtualized Reality931176
49Beaver's Virtual Dam242176
51Rational Survivability040174
52Tech Prosaic333174
55Jase's Place037162
56Virtual Lifestyle032160
57Virtualization Information131140
58Virtual Cloud031133
59Roger Lund228123
60Lone SysAdmin031115
61Malaysia VM229114
62Daily Hypervisor027111
63The HyperAdvisor02486
64Going Virtual0638
65Knudt Blog0828

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  1. Michael Platsis

    That is some amazing work, well done to you for organising such an effort and well done to all the bloggers. There is some fantastic quality out there!

    I know I enjoy reading quite a few of them !


  2. Dave Briccetti

    Look forward to reading some of those. How about making hyperlinks to the blogs from the report?

  3. esiebert7625

    They are hyperlinks available for all the blogs on my vLaunchpad – http://vlp.vsphere-land.com/

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