Dec 31 2014

The Top 100 VMware/virtualization people you MUST follow on Twitter

My last post triggered my memory that a few years ago (5 actually, my doesn’t time fly) I put together a list of the top 100 people to follow that were influential with VMware and virtualization technologies. It’s been quite a while since I updated that list (5 years!), so I thought I would bring it up to date by removing some people an adding new ones based on who I think are good people to follow these days.

Putting together these types of lists is always difficult, I try and research a bit to see who is fairly active on Twitter and tweets about VMware & virtualization stuff a good amount of time. It is entirely possible I missed some people though (I’m sure I did) that should be on the list, it wasn’t easy to limit it to 100 as there are tons of great people that tweet about VMware & virtualization but I did the best I could. So I apologize in advance if I missed someone that I probably should of included.

So without further ado, click the image below to see my Twitter list of the Top 100 VMware/virtualization people you MUST follow on Twitter.


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