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Select VMworld sessions released for general public

June 4th, 2009

About 2 months ago, John Troyer asked me for recommendations for 10 or so of some of the VMworld 2008 & VMworld Europe 2009 sessions to be released for free to non-attendees. It was hard picking just 10 and I ended up with about 30 of the ones I thought people would enjoy the most. Well it took a while but they just announced that they are now available for free and it’s almost the exact session list that I picked out back then. So head on over to the VMworld website and check them out, there is some great content there. You do need to have a  VMworld account to view these sessions, if you don’t already have one you can get one by registering for free.

VMworld Europe 2009:
AP07 - Virtualized Oracle Database Server Performance and Best Practices
DC07 - What’s New in vCenter Server
DC14 - Overview of 2009 VMware datacenter products
DC15 - Hypervisor Competitive Differences: Beyond the Data Sheet
DC26 - vStorage - Storage integration for the VDC-OS
TA12 - Introducing VMware Converter 4.0: What’s New and Different
TA15 - Protecting your vCenter Server with Server Heartbeat
TA17 - End-to-End Disaster Recovery Approach with Automated SRM Failback
TA20 - Cisco Nexus 1000V Technical Preview

VMworld 2008:
AD2764 - Managing VMware with PowerShell
BC2215 - Top Tips for VMware Consolidated Backup
BC3141 - Understanding Options for Virtualized Disaster Recovery
EA2244 - Virtualizing SQL Server Using VMware Infrastructure
EA2263 - Deploying Exchange 2007 on VMware Infrastructure 3
EA2347 - Citrix Presentation Server Virtualization in VI3 - Best Practices
EA2538 - Using IBM WebSphere Family Products with VMware
EA2672 - VMware is the Best Platform for Java Workloads
PO1323 - Best Practices for Virtualizing Active Directory
PO1520 - Managing VMware ESXi in the Datacenter
PO2061 - VMware VirtualCenter 2.5 Database Best Practices
PO1944 - Architecting and Managing your Storage Effectively with Virtual Infrastructure
PO2218 - Everyday Usage of the RCLI
PO2841 - Virtualization - The Big Picture
TA1401 - Understanding Host and Guest Memory Usage and Other Memory Management Concepts
TA1405 - VMotion Technical Deep Dive
TA1440 - ESXtop for Advanced Users
TA2213 - VMware Infrastructure 3 Storage: iSCSI Implementation and Best Practices
TA2375 - Intepreting Performance Statistics in VI3
TA2550 - ESX Server Best Practices for Performance
TA2554 - VI Networking: Advanced Configurations and Troubleshooting
TA2668 - VMware ESX Architectural Directions
TA2920 - Overview of VMware Product Directions
TA3807 - VirtualCenter Directions
VD3261 - VDI versus Terminal Services
VI2389 - Licensing for a Virtual World
VI2940 - VMware ESXi: The Easiest Way to Get Started
VI2715 - Making the Case: Selling Virtualization When ROI isn’t Enough
LAB05 - VMware Infrastructure - Security Hardening & Best Practices (VMware VirtualCenter/ESX/ESXi)
LAB09 - Scripting VMware Infrastructure: Automating, Integrating, and Extending VI

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