New Top 100 vBlog virtual coin

I commissioned the creation of virtual coin logos for people in the Top 50 vBlogs this year to display on their websites. I had a few requests though for a Top 100 coin, so I hired a designer to create a Top 100 virtual coin as well. I wanted to keep it different then the metals used in the Top 10, Top 25 and Top 50 virtual coins so I went with a blue-ish shade of coin. So if you made the top 51-100 this year go grab it and do what you want with it, Top 50 bloggers if you haven’t downloaded your virtual coin yet go get it here.

You can download the hi-res images here and re-size them to whatever works for your blog:

Top 10 Gold Coin

Top 25 Silver Coin

Top 50 Copper Coin

Top 100 Blue Coin

All-coins top100_vsphereland-2016

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  1. Thanks Eric I’ve updated my blog with the new Top 100 coin!

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