My book dedication

I thought I would share the dedication page that I wrote for my book as there are many people that inspired me and helped made this book possible, here it is:


First and foremost, I want to acknowledge some of the members of the VMTN community
who are my peers and, more important, my friends. This includes Ken Cline, whose
knowledge and experience continues to astound me; Dave Mishchenko, whose dedication
to helping others is equal to mine; Edward Haletky, who knows more about security than
anyone I know and is always happy to share his knowledge with others; Oliver Reeh, who
inspired me to start my website; Steve Beaver, whose passion for virtualization is very
infectious; Jason Boche, who is the biggest VMware geek I know; Robert Dell’Immagine,
who runs the VMTN communities; and John Troyer, who is VMware’s head blogger and
virtualization evangelist.

I also want to acknowledge a few fellow bloggers from the thriving VMware user community
who inspire me on a daily basis to help others and be the best that I can be, including
Eric Sloof from, Scott Lowe from, Duncan Epping from, Rich Brambley from, and my fellow bloggers at Tech Target.
There are many other bloggers and members of the VMTN community whom I haven’t
mentioned, but you know who you are and you are all an inspiration to me.
I also want to thank Jan Stafford from Tech Target, who got me started in writing, and
all the great editorial staff at Tech Target, including Hannah Drake, Adam Trujillo, Mark
Gallagher, Matthew McDonough, and Jo Maitland.

Finally, I want to thank my editor at Pearson, Trina MacDonald, who gave me this
opportunity and believed in my ability to write this book. Trina is a wonderful person who
helped me through the many behind-the-scenes things that go into writing a book, including
formatting, layouts, and all the other various steps it takes to write a book. In addition,
thanks to my development editor, Songlin Qiu, for correcting my many formatting mistakes.
And, a huge thank you to my technical editors, Ken Cline, Dave Mishchenko, Steve Beaver, and
George Vish, who all kept me honest, and whose great knowledge and experience helped
make this book even better.

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  1. Thanks Eric! My hard copy will be arriving soon. Thanks again for allowing me to review the pre release.

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