Hyper9 Virtualization Mobile Manager special beta invitations available

First I’d like to welcome Hyper9 as my new exclusive website sponsor, if you don’t know them I encourage you to visit their website and check out their products. I’ve been dealing with Hyper9 for almost a year and they have some great products and ideas. A few months ago they hired programmer/mad scientist Andrew Kutz, the creator of the popular SVmotion plug-in, and since then have been churning out some great plugins and applications. Their latest application which they are close to releasing is called Virtualization Mobile Manager which enables remote management of virtual environments via mobile devices. The product is still in beta but I have a limited number of special beta invitations available to hand out. These invitations include some special perks including:

  • 50% off pricing on their already low pricing
  • Automatic entry into Win a Mobile Device contest, beginning in June
  • In exchange for a little feedback – a limited edition Hyper9 T-shirt

If you would like one of these limited beta invitations please contact me at esiebert7625@yahoo.com. Please be willing to test out the product and offer some feedback in return for the perks.


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