Elvis has left the building

Yet another independent blogger has changed his status from single to married. Mike Laverick of RTFM Education fame has left the ranks of independent bloggers after 12 years and accepted a position at VMware as a (or is it THE) Senior Cloud Infrastructure Evangelist. That leaves only one independent blogger left in my top 10, I wonder how long it will be before Eric Sloof finally takes the plunge 😉  I’m known Mike for many years, I first met him in person at VMworld 2008 in Vegas at a big Vizioncore party at the Wynn. Mike has written a lot of great guides and books over the years and is a real asset to the VMware community. Mike joined forces with Tech Target a few years ago so unfortunately he has to leave his legacy at RTFM Education behind and start fresh. He is currently blogging at http://communities.vmware.com/people/Mike_Laverick/blog until his non-compete expires at which time he will be blogging at his permanent home at mikelaverick.com in January.


One of Mike’s latest books was written in conjunction with Barry Coombs and is entitled Building VMware End-User Computing Solutions with VMware View. In a very generous move they are donating all the profits from the book to UNICEF so you can’t go wrong buying it, you get a great book and help a great cause. So head on over here and get your copy now. We recently had Mike as a guest on the vChat podcast to talk about life, the universe and everything so be sure and check it out.

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