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Jan 25 2010

Coming soon: a new vLaunchpad

I’ve been maintaining the vLaunchpad using Dreamweaver which has been difficult at times so I thought I would explore other options. I’ve resisted using WordPress as I had for my main site because the page layout is kind of unique and not easily re-produced in WordPress. Well after much theme hacking I think I have it ported over to WordPress pretty well. I’ve done extensive CSS modifications to make sure I would fit as much information as possible in one area and not have to resort to lots of scrolling or multiple pages. It’s not done yet but it’s getting close, I still need to add all the blog links and do some other work to it. I’ve also moved it to the clouds, which is GoDaddy’s new hosted grid computing offering. So let me know what you think, I’m open to all your suggestions, tell me what you like, don’t like and want to see added to it. One thing you’ll notice is I added all of Hany Michael’s great vDiagrams to the sidebar for easy access to them.

So go check out the new version of the vLaunchpad and let me know what you think, just remember it’s not done yet and I have lots of changes to make to it. Thanks to the Netherlands gang (Duncan, Eric & Gabe) for their early feedback that helped me get the design right.

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  1. Sohrab

    Thanks a lot for vLaunchpad
    I Have A log List Of References, Blogs, …. about VMware, But I Find All Of them here in their category.
    Really Good Works

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