Jun 30 2016

Announcing the Top vBlog 2016 results

Congrats to all! I will be publishing the category winners later today and the full results very soon. If you haven’t watched the results show you can watch it here.

BlogRankPreviousChangeTotal VotesTotal Points#1 Votes
Yellow Bricks (Duncan Epping)1105444846112
Virtually Ghetto (William Lam)2205314723108
Cormac Hogan330403305417
Frank Denneman blog440320228115
Wahl Network (Chris Wahl)561350227025
ESX Virtualization (Vladan Seget)6137298224433
Scott Lowe blog75-234922269
NTPro.nl (Eric Sloof)891300194725
Virtu-al (Alan Renouf)910132419344
Derek Seaman's Blog107-3255172517
Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac)118-329516527
vSphere-land (Eric Siebert)12120248158216
Long White Virtual Clouds (Webster)1311-2214153917
My Virtual Cloud (Andre Leibovici)14140230147215
VCDX56 (Magnus Andersson)15172236143112
Punching Clouds (Rawlinson)1618221813889
CloudXC (Josh Odgers)1715-2189134224
VMGuru (Various)18257200129628
VCDX133 (Rene Van Den Bedem)193718167128424
IT Blood Pressure (Dwayne Lessner)20266157109411
Brian Madden2128716610667
Professional VMware (Cody Bunch)2229717610249
The IT Hollow (Eric Shanks)23351215798219
Pure Storage Guy (Vaughn Stewart)2419-51358864
My Virtual Vision (Kees Baggerman)2553281177695
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4 pings

  1. Wojciech Marusiak

    Congrats guys – well deserved!

    When all the rest results will be avaialable?

  2. esiebert7625

    Probably tomorrow

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