Mar 31 2015

Announcing the Top vBlog 2015 results

Below are the results for the overall voting for the Top 25, full results will be published soon:

BlogRankPreviousChangeTotal VotesTotal Points#1 Votes
Yellow Bricks (Duncan Epping)1109176730243
Virtually Ghetto (William Lam)220667431480
Cormac Hogan341564343727
Frank Denneman43-1486299343
Scott Lowe blog550493278215
Wahl Network (Chris Wahl)682494276853
Derek Seaman's Blog7125455260539
Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac)8914312577108
NTPro.nl (Eric Sloof)96-3394214718
Virtu-al (Alan Renouf)107-335917978
Long White Virtual Clouds (M. Webster)11132314177633
vSphere-land (Eric Siebert)1211-1285150516
ESX Virtualization (Vladan Seget)13152247148543
My Virtual Cloud (Andre Leibovici)14140301146830
CloudXC (Josh Odgers)15216286142221
Mike Laverick1610-628514058
VCDX56 (Magnus Andersson)17181319137712
Punching Clouds (Rawlinson)183921224110713
Pure Storage Guy (Vaughn Stewart)193516177100618
Justin's IT Blog2045252149859
vInfrastructure Blog (Andrew Mauro)2129817395217
Datacenter Dude (Nick Howell)2223113490834
LucD (Luc Dekens)2317-61718987
A vTexan (Tommy Trogden)2422-21588405
VMGuru (Various)2524-115981613

And below are the winners of the individual categories:

Category Winners-crop


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  1. Rob Steele

    Congratulations to everyone !!!

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