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Mar 05 2013

And the results of the top blog voting are…

…you’ll have to wait a few days to find out. I’ve tabulated all the votes and applied points to the votes and have computed the results. We’ll announce the winners on a special vChat episode that we are recording on Friday with John Troyer and should be available on Monday. While you’re waiting here’s a few tidbits of information on this years voting:

  • There were over 1300 votes this year
  • 47% of the votes were from the US, next highest was 13% from the Netherlands followed by 6.5% from the UK and 3% from Germany
  • We had voters from 60 different countries including Mongolia, Uruguay, Slovakia, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Iceland, Estonia, Egypt, Bermuda and the Isle of Man
  • There are 243 blogs in the voting this year, last year there were 187
  • There were some fierce competition this year in the top 10, there were 8 position changes in the top 10
  • There were 7 blogs in the top 25 that were not in there in 2012
  • There were 13 blogs in the top 50 that were not in there in 2012
  • There were 4 blogs that were newcomers this year in the top 25
  • There were 9 blogs that were newcomers this year in the top 50
  • There is 1 blog new to the top 10
  • One blogger in the top 50 moved up 86 places from last year, another one moved up 110 places from last year

That’s it for now, tune in next week to see the full results and find out if Duncan can retain the crown for #1 blogger…



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  1. Justin Paul

    Dang it man! stop teasing us! LOL

  2. Calvin Zito

    What Justin said… you dog.

  3. Duncan

    Those are some amazing stats!

  4. Maish

    Can’t wait – maybe you need to speak to Luc / Alan to find a way to automate this ( maybe they will get extra points … :) )

  5. Jack

    I’m the Isle of Man voter – nice to get a mention somewhere so prestigious – even if indirectly 😉

  6. Jason Boche

    Duncan I’m sorry in advance you fell out of the top-10. :)

  7. vmcreator

    I heard a guy called Steve Ballmer got top spot !!!

  8. vpourchet

    Nice stats !

    It’s nice to belong to such an amazing community !

  9. Manlio Frizzi

    hello all,
    I think that Duncan will be #1 this year again :)


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